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Volume 22, Number 43

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 October 27, 2017                               Vol. 22, No. 43


                Differentiating Math Instruction
             Ten Questions for Mathematics Teachers
        Fellowships for Early-Career Mathematics Teachers




 All participants of the professional development course
 "Differentiating Math Instruction" will explore rich problems,
 look at class sets of student work, and learn and share tips
 and techniques for effective differentiation.

 Depending on demand, we may offer a section of this moderated
 course for teachers of K–grade 5 and another focused on grades
 6–algebra. Either way, Max Ray-Riek will lead differentiated
 tasks and opportunities for small groups to work together on
 such themes as "Facilitating Rich Tasks" and "Whole-Group
 Discussions in Diverse Groups."

 Check out the full syllabus here:


 To see what teachers have said about past courses after
 completing them, check out

 Please register by Monday, November 13, 2017.




 Are some mathematics teaching methods more effective 
 than others?

 What do we know about memorization and learning mathematics?

 Do students' backgrounds influence how they learn mathematics?

 These and seven other questions are discussed in a freely
 downloadable report of ten takeaways for math teachers from
 the most recent round of the Programme for International
 Student Assessment (PISA).

 Each section of "Ten Questions for Mathematics Teachers . . .
 and How PISA Can Help Answer Them" ends with a one-page
 conclusion titled "What Can Teachers Do?" Published earlier
 this month by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and
 Development (OECD), the report includes data from the Teaching
 and Learning International Survey (TALIS). This OECD-led
 survey asked more than 100,000 teachers about themselves,
 their teaching practices, and the learning environment.

 With a PISA podcast series starting next month, the OECD
 invites our readers to join their Teacher Community on Edmodo
 and their PISA Learning Community on Facebook; respectively,





 Calling all early-career secondary science and mathematics
 teachers: Fellowships are available for a five-year program
 that provides a comprehensive suite of benefits valued at
 approximately $150,000.

 To improve education in your classrooms and beyond, the Knowles
 Teaching Fellows Program provides such resources and support as
 the following:

     - Stipends
     - Grants for professional development, classroom 
       materials, and National Board Certification
     - Mentoring from experienced teachers and 
       teacher educators
     - Support for teacher leadership efforts



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