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Volume 22, Number 45

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 November 10, 2017                               Vol. 22, No. 45


                      Math Forum Discussions
 Team America Rocketry Challenge | "OK Google" for Math Quizzes


                      MATH FORUM DISCUSSIONS


 Have you participated in our online conversations?

 Would you like a record of all of your discussion posts
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 Just ask us before the last week of December 2017. Please
 include the username that appears after
 "Welcome, __," to the left, after you log in.

 The Math Forum originally began before the advent of the first
 web browser, as an online discussion space of usenet newsgroups
 and mailing lists. From an early focus on geometry, the
 discussions grew to encompass other math topics, research
 projects, workshops, institutes, and professional state
 associations of math teachers. Twenty-five years later,
 hundreds of thousands of you have contributed several
 million messages.





 The Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) is ready for

 First featured here on its debut and now launching into its
 16th year, TARC inspires thousands of students annually through
 the designing, building, and flying of model rockets.

 This year's criteria: Build a model rocket that carries two
 raw hen eggs to an altitude of 800 feet, stays airborne for
 between 41 and 43 seconds, and returns to the ground with all
 rocket sections still connected together.

 Scroll down the page of resources for educational activities
 and YouTube videos; lessons in science, technology,
 engineering, and mathematics (STEM); low-cost rocket plans and
 launch systems; and more:


 Sponsorship from the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)
 and the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) has provided for
 a pool of over $100,000 in scholarships and prizes.

 Hundreds of mentors in all 50 states are standing by to advise
 students. Register before the deadline of Friday, December 1. 


                  "OK GOOGLE" FOR MATH QUIZZES

 On Wednesday, announced access to hundreds of quiz
 questions in math and three other subject areas through the
 Google Assistant on phones or voice-activated speakers, like
 Google Home.

 Just say, "OK Google, talk to" within range of a
 Google Assistant or Google Home, and the device will quiz you
 with a series of four multiple-choice questions.

 So now instead of the Google Assistant answering questions, it
 will ask you!

 With their parent's permission, children under 13 can also have
 their own personalized Google Assistant experience when they
 log in to Google Family Link:

    offers online courses and study tools to help
 students in kindergarten through college excel academically.
 Last summer, the company rolled out its first apps; this
 summer, received a $100,000 grant to expand its
 tuition-free college program.


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