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Volume 22, Number 49

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 December 8, 2017                                Vol. 22, No. 49



 The very first issue of this free weekly newsletter highlighted
 The Geometer's Sketchpad labs for the classroom, the Ask Dr.
 Math service, and the first in a series of questions "from the
 emailbag" submitted to our site's suggestion box.

 In short order, the Math Forum Internet News covered
 discussions about NCTM's Standards; Eric's Treasure Trove,
 which would become Wolfram MathWorld; Mathematics Awareness
 Week, hosted at for over a decade; ThinkQuest, a
 contest that encouraged students to create original educational
 tools on the Internet; and the results of the first Trends in
 International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).

 Over a thousand Fridays ever since its October 1996 debut, this
 newsletter has brought you the latest and greatest in math and
 math education. Issues have also included opportunities -- to
 improve your practice, to shape public policy -- and everything
 from celebrations of life transitions to one lost-and-found
 announcement seeking the owner of a camera, with a picture of a
 handwritten flow chart of

 The Math Forum Internet News shared resources you recommended.
 It celebrated subscribers' website launches, new publications,
 and app releases. It highlighted student voices, as they solved
 Problems of the Week, and your own, as you posted to Math Forum
 discussions. And it cheered your subsequent successes -- those
 from a ten-year-old B. J. Pinchbeck to an octogenarian Don "The
 Mathman" Cohen.

 This 49th issue of volume 22 marks the end of the Math Forum
 Internet News. We hope the "MFIN" brought you something to look
 forward to every week.

 Thank you for your contributions and for your readership!



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