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Volume 22, Number 7

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 February 17, 2017                               Vol. 22, No. 7


  NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition: Early Registration Discount
 Survey: Teachers' Responses to Students' Mathematical Solutions




 Save up to $80 by registering for the NCTM Annual Meeting &
 Exposition by next Friday, February 24.

 The premier math education event of the year takes place April
 5-8 in San Antonio with the theme "Creating Communities and
 Cultivating Change."

 The Math Forum will be in the Lone Star State, as well. In
 addition to our other sessions, we will facilitate Ignite
 talks. Emceed by NCTM President Matt Larson, these Math Forum
 community members will speak about their passions for
 math education:

    - Mary Bourassa
    - Jessica Cheyney
    - Robyn Drew
    - Troy Jones
    - Paul Kelley
    - Morondo Lewis
    - Avery Pickford
    - Megan Schmidt
    - Monica Tienda
    - José Vilson

 Learn more about this fast, fired-up fun and other sessions on
 the NCTM conference blog:



    PoW taking place: Math problem-solving moment of the week

 "It took me a few minutes, but eventually I came up with a
 sort of easy way to figure out how much a average adult
 weighs.... You should then get a quotient of 152.94blah blah
 blah (blah blah blah means more decimals, but 152.94 is pretty
 much 153, so that's what I did). So the average adult human
 weighs 153 pounds.... I also read that just the engine of the
 EMD 710 from General Motors weighs about 8 tons!!! P. S. I have
 no idea what a EMD 710 is, but it's some kind of train."

 - Andre, highlighted in the Pre-Algebra PoW's Latest Solution




 Researchers want to know: How do you respond to different
 students' work on the same math problems?


    Now taking place: Math education conversation of the day

 "Thanks to both of you for hosting again and for getting us
 thinking about our work in new ways!"

 - Brian, tweeted to @MFAnnie and @maxmathforum
   during #elemmathchat




 On Tuesday, an automated math recognition and correction
 engine for Microsoft Office had its first public beta release.

 Math4Office checks arithmetic expressions and calculations
 entered within normal text as you type. Fee versions for
 students and professionals, available to demo with a 30-day
 free trial, extend the add-in functionality across Microsoft
 Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and
 Windows 10.

 Have ideas for how to make this software even more intuitive?
 Creators Askae welcome feedback by e-mail to


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