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Volume 22, Number 8

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 February 24, 2017                               Vol. 22, No. 8


         Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics
        The Origami Revolution | The Math Ninja Challenge




 Remember your own path into the classroom?

 Curious about who might be joining the math teacher
 ranks next?

 The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE)
 recently finished a national guide for the preparation of
 teachers of mathematics.

 Featured here in draft form for feedback five months ago, the
 completed "Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics"
 addresses issues and challenges facing teacher preparation.


    PoW taking place: Math problem-solving moment of the week

 "Extra: To create a function, we can use the same strategy as
 in question 2.... To avoid negative values, it's better to use
 absolute value. This will result in two equations...."

 - Paige and Janelle, highlighted in the Algebra PoW's
   latest solution


                     THE ORIGAMI REVOLUTION

 After NOVA debuted its origami documentary on public
 television last week, it posted the whole program online for
 viewing -- also at no cost.

 Discussing topics ranging from immunology to dark matter and
 from homeland security to botany, "The Origami Revolution"
 takes viewers inside the labs and factories that are on the
 cutting edge of the science and engineering inspired by the
 art of folding paper.

 The film opens with Erik Demaine, a professor in the MIT
 Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He is
 collaborating on a proof of a universal theorem that posits
 that any shape is foldable from a sheet of paper. Robert J.
 Lang, featured in these pages a decade ago, appears in "The
 Origami Revolution" as well -- now benefiting from the latest
 tools of the trade: a laser cutter and 3D origami design
 software called Origamizer, available for noncommercial use,
 with attribution to Tomohiro Tachi, who appears on screen
 after Lang.

 To start folding the fun into your primary class, check out
 "Puzzling with Paper," a collection of eight tasks by the
 University of Cambridge's NRICH Project:


 Middle school math teacher Fawn Nguyen has blogged about her
 students folding hamburger patty paper to investigate area,
 concluding "The smiles returned to their faces. I
 love teaching":


    Now taking place: Math education conversation of the day

 "Isn't the Measure Up curriculum (Hawaii) based on the work of
 Davidov? Has anyone heard if there has been success with their
 program? I have tried without success to obtain a copy of the
 textbooks. I've been looking for an elementary math curriculum
 that is more effective than the current (are we not 38th in
 international math [PISA score]?). Any recommendations?"

 - Paula, posted to the math-teach discussion


                     THE MATH NINJA CHALLENGE


 Calling all North American math ninjas!

 A web-based math program is challenging students from across
 the continent to show their skills in a free math competition
 open to all schools and grade levels.

 At their own pace, in class or at home, students can work
 through standards-aligned games and question sets. The online
 environment of sponsor Mangahigh, first featured in these
 pages seven years ago, continuously adapts the Math Ninja
 Challenge to students' current level of demonstrated mastery.

 The prizes include gold medals for students and Amazon gift
 certificates for schools. Register for one of Mangahigh's
 training webinars, starting the first week of March -- also at
 no cost.


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