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Volume 22, Number 9

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 March 3, 2017                                   Vol. 22, No. 9


    Get Ready for Pi Day | Evidence for ESSA | Seeing Theory


                      GET READY FOR PI DAY


 Only eleven more days 'til 3.14 -- Pi Day, 2017!

 Before next Tuesday, check out the Forum's Teacher2Teacher FAQ
 for Problems of the Week, Ask Dr. Math conversations, book
 suggestions, and other web resources on the theme.


    PoW taking place: Math problem-solving moment of the week

 "That idea isn't actually true.... But here's the cool
 part -- Madeline didn't just stick to one strategy of using
 formulas; she thought about what the problem really meant, and
 used pictures to make sense of how to build the bigger box....
 I have one more question for you to ponder, courtesy of some
 of our mentors ..."

 - Max, commenting on the Pre-Algebra PoW's latest solution


                        EVIDENCE FOR ESSA


 This past Tuesday, a free website launched with reviews of
 nearly thirty math programs that have statistically significant
 effects on improving student outcomes.

 This project of the Center for Research and Reform in Education
 (CRRE) at Johns Hopkins University rates each program for the
 level of evidence it meets -- as defined in the Every Student
 Succeeds Act (ESSA): strong, moderate, or promising.

 The new "Evidence for ESSA" site also provides capsule
 descriptions; brief research reviews, with average effect
 sizes, number of students studied, and links to more detailed
 analyses; provider contact details; and practical information
 on costs, professional development, and
 technology requirements.

 Evidence for ESSA has already reviewed 20 elementary math
 programs and 9 secondary programs:


    Middle and High School

 Search and filter them for particular groups (such as African
 Americans, Hispanics, or English Learners), communities
 (urban, suburban, or rural), and program features (technology,
 cooperative learning, metacognitive strategies, etc.). 

 Have you already implemented one of these programs? Send your
 comments to CRRE by clicking the purple "Share tips for your
 peers" dialog box on the lower right.

 Supported by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Evidence for ESSA
 will soon include this advice on implementation, as well as
 information about "ambassador schools" using specific programs.


    Now taking place: Math education conversation of the day

 "The website posted a problem with incomplete
 solution and I am unable to verify the alleged result, which I
 also found amazing. I have tried everything from the theory of
 convex functions to Newton's identities, but the solution
 remains in hiding! Here is a restatement and
 slight generalization ..."

 - Will, posted to the sci.math discussion


                         SEEING THEORY


 Fifteen slick introductions to probability and statistics
 recently came online.

 With interactive visualizations, "Seeing Theory" brings to life
 the fundamental concepts covered in an introductory college
 statistics or Advanced Placement statistics class. The Brown
 University undergraduate who made them has also freely posted
 his code through Github:

 Concentrating in Applied Math and Computational Biology, Daniel
 Kunin aims to completely finish Seeing Theory this summer. He
 welcomes feedback through this survey:


 To create his visualizations, Kunin received support from Brown
 University's Royce Fellowship Program and National Science
 Foundation group STATS4STEM.


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