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Volume 3, Number 11

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16 March 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 11

Modularity - Jablan | PBS Cyber School | Forum Summer Institute



Jablan uses the word 'modularity' to refer to the process 
of creating art by repeating a simple block, tile, or motif 
to make a more complicated design, by symmetry through
reflection or tessellation. This site includes a paper on 
such art and its math, with illustrations taken from a 
wide range of sources. 

MIRROR CURVES describes and illustrates Tamil, Lunda, and 
Chokwe sand drawings and the knots and curves of Leonardo 
da Vinci. Other visual representations include paleolithic 
ornaments, Roman mazes and labyrinths, Kufic writing, 
Celtic key-patterns and modern Op-art works, impossible 
objects, Celtic knotworks, and polyominoes:

The author includes illustrations of other modular puzzles:  
SpaceTiles, KnotTiles, and OpTiles.


                 U.S. OLYMPIC PBS CYBER SCHOOL

Built around the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan, the PBS
Cyber School uses downhill skiing, snowboarding, and
figure-skating to offer problem-solving challenges that
invite middle school students to build their own pages
using the IBM HomePage Creator. 

Teachers can choose among two dozen math lesson plans
keyed to challenges by level of difficulty:

"Chew on This" is a student bulletin board for sharing
ideas while working on a challenge.
An Olympic Archives page offers links to Olympic sites 
on the Web:

and there are additional lesson plans for science and
social studies. If you have trouble finding your way around
the site, see:

This site has been created by PBS in partnership with IBM,
CBS, and the U.S. Olympic Committee.


          Math Forum Advanced Summer Institute


   June 26 - July 2, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA
   (changed to July 6-11)

This summer the Math Forum will host its third Advanced 
Summer Institute for mathematics educators who are 
developing high-quality uses of the Internet. We plan to 
bring together a group of creative, Web-savvy teachers 
in order to introduce them to each other, to new tools, 
to interesting mathematics, to Forum staff from whom they 
might receive continuing support, and to the possibility 
of receiving modest financial support during the school 
year through the Forum Teacher Associate program. Our goal 
is to enhance projects and resources you are already 
developing, and to build a community that will help others 
do the same.

Some fruits of our efforts are on the Math Forum site. 
See Suzanne Alejandre's Web units; explore the Problems of 
the Week; and investigate other areas onsite. Our workshop
pages offer the agendas of previous summer institutes with
links to work done by participants.

To apply for this program write to Steve Weimar:

describing your current position and your plans for using 
the Internet, with an outline of what the Forum's support 
might make possible and a summary of your experience in 
designing resources for the Internet/World Wide Web.

The Math Forum will cover room and board and a limited 
number of travel scholarships are available.


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