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Volume 3, Number 14

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 6 April 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 14

Learner Online: Math & Science | Mazes | Math Education & Key Issues

 LEARNER ONLINE - Annenberg/CPB Math & Science K-12 Collection

The video, software, and print guides in Learner Online's 
math and science collection show concrete examples of good 
teaching and active learning in a variety of settings: 
public school classes, multi-age classes in rural areas, 
bilingual classes, magnet and charter schools, and local 
businesses. Pages are organized for parents, teachers, and 



         THROUGH MAZES TO MATHEMATICS - Tony Phillips 

Mazes that have a complete mathematical description. Classes 
can build their own labyrinth using nesting segments on the
number line. Examples and calculations focus on the simple,
alternating transit (s.a.t.) maze, and on exploring the 
relation between mazes and and mathematics. Count the number 
of different n-level s.a.t. mazes, see the Cretan maze drawn
as a game, learn other facts about maze numbers, and find 
print citations of mathematical research into mazes. Don't
miss his page, "How did I get interested in counting mazes?"


                    MAZE MAKER - John Lauro

A site where you can provide your own specifications to 
make rectangular, Christmas tree, and Valentine mazes. A
message board is also provided:


                 THE MAZE MAN - John Knoderer

MATH MAZES use addition, subtraction, multiplication and 
division problems to define movement. You may move 
horizontally or vertically from one problem to another if 
the answers or the operators are the same. 

This site also features Pizza, Message, Shape, Movie Maze Madness,
Satellite (Circular), and Hexagonal mazes; Hidden Picture
Octomazes, and Number Place and Wiggle Word puzzles.


For more mazes on the Web, consult Yahoo:





   In an effort to improve navigation, the Math Forum's 
   collections of online resources on math education and 
   key issues for mathematics have been reorganized to
   include a table of contents on each page.

   For examples, see our resources for Technology in Math
   Education and Equity and Access.


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