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Volume 3, Number 15

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13 April 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 15

    Kids Domain | Burr Puzzles | Geometry Online - Lanius

                          KIDS DOMAIN


               Resources for kids and the people 
               who help teach and care for them. 

This site has something for everyone in the family, but
specializes in resources for ages 2-12. There are contests,
online games, and icons to download; holiday clip art, 
software, and crafts; a Play Place with recommended Web 
sites for kids; and an area with links to books and 
software to help children learn about computers, programming,
and creating multimedia programs. 

For grownups, Kids Domain offers contests for adults, 
downloads of shareware and freeware for kids, parenting and
educational links, information about kid safety on the Web,
graphics and Web page tips, and The Kid's Domain Review, an 
online magazine section with software and Web site reviews,
feature articles, and columns.

Download shareware and freeware for the Mac and PC, including
math games and educational programs, view commercial demos, 
read reviews of children's software, and try out other 
activities. Many of the programs are recommended by families 
or teachers, and have been tested by the author's family. 


                    THE BURR PUZZLES SITE


A Burr Puzzle consists of at least three rods intersecting 
each other at right angles. The most well-known type is the 
six-piece burr where three sets of two rods intersect each 
other. This site lets you explore six-piece burrs by selecting 
from a list of a few precalculated burrs, or by selecting six 
pieces of your own making and letting the program calculate 
the possible solutions for you. 

A Java enabled browser is required to visit the pages of 
this site that are marked with a coffee cup image, and 
virtually all pages require JavaScript to display properly. 
The site includes background information including 
definitions and some simple lemmas arising from them,
references (textual and web), and a feedback form.


              GEOMETRY ONLINE - Cynthia Lanius


Geometry activities from Cynthia Lanius' geometry class at 
Milby High School in Houston, Texas. Topics include: 

  - History of Geometry
      contributions of Egyptians, Babylonians, and Greeks, 
      with links to biographies of contributors to geometry
  - Hidden Polygons
      polygons to locate on triangular grid paper; links
      to other polygon sites
  - Isosceles Triangle Puzzler
      using the isosceles triangle theorem to analyze a 
      problem with similar triangles and submit your answer
  - Circles and Pythagorus
      another problem that offers the opportunity to submit 
      your answer online
  - SAT-Type Quiz
      a chance to gain familiarity with SAT-type questions;
      calculate your score online at the end of the quiz
  - The Golden Ratio
      try a measuring activity; then build a rectangle that 
      approaches the golden ratio
  - Experiment with Volume
      predict volumes of cylinders; see a demonstration;
      calculate volumes; explore cylinder volume functions
  - School-Bus Geometry
      a non-Euclidean geometry introduced by means of a
      school bus instead of a taxicab
  - Glossary of geometric terms 
  - Geometry TEKS
      Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Mathematics
  - NCTM Standards


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