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Volume 3, Number 16

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20 April 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 16


Math Awareness Week 1998 | Investing for Kids | Science Netlinks

               MATH AWARENEWS WEEK (MAW) 1998

                      26 April - 2 May


Mathematics Awareness Week offers an opportunity to conduct 
local events celebrating the excitement, versatility, and 
importance of mathematics.

                   MATHEMATICS AND IMAGING

The MAW 1998 theme is Mathematics and Imaging. Mathematics 
is an essential element of imaging in fields as diverse as 
medicine, computer science, and space exploration. These 
and other aspects of mathematics in imaging are explored in 
detail in an essay on the MAW site:

Mathematics Awareness Week is coordinated by the Joint 
Policy Board for Mathematics on behalf of three national 
mathematical organizations: the American Mathematical 
Society, the Mathematical Association of America, and the 
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Previous 
MAW themes have included Mathematics and the Internet, 
Mathematics and Decision-Making, Mathematics and Symmetry,
and Mathematics and Medicine.

More information about Mathematics Awareness Week 1998,
including the theme poster, links to related sites, and
news of MAW celebrations taking place around the country,
are provided, and you are invited to submit an announcement 
to have your events included in the list:


          INVESTING FOR KIDS - Leung, Ngai, & Mirza


This ThinkQuest site, created for kids by middle and high
school students, uses a variety of approaches to teach the 
principles of saving and investing to beginners and seasoned 
investors alike.The authors examine seven basic ways to
invest money: 

  - putting it in the bank
  - lending it to someone
  - buying stocks
  - buying a house
  - buying gold and silver
  - buying collectibles
  - buying mutual funds

Here you can play a stock market game, read about concepts
of investing and types of investments, use a Java goal
calculator, and take a financial quiz. 

To learn more, try putting together your own stock portfolio;
check out the stock learning center and stocks in cyberspace; 
look up unfamiliar terms in the glossary; find out about 
collaborative projects; and use the Young Investors Message 
Board to get in touch with other kids:



                       SCIENCE NETLINKS


A national effort by the American Association for the
Advancement of Science (AAAS) and MCI to help science 
teachers, librarians, and other adult educators get on the 
Internet, navigate it safely and efficiently, identify 
useful resources, and use those resources in a teaching 

This site includes: a monthly feature and a link to an 
episodic science mystery for kids; a searchable bank of 
reviews of science sites, categorized by topic; standards-
based classroom activities; an Internet help section; and 
a discussion board. In April the Netlinks program focuses
on physical science, with special emphasis on forces and 

Netlinks' site reviews section also provides a growing list 
of approved mathematics links, with a review of each site.


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