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Volume 3, Number 17

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27 April 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 17


Sketchpad Tessellations | HQC Computing Library | Imaging the Imagined


In the spirit of Suzanne Alejandre's Tessellation Tutorials,
Cathi gives step-by-step directions for using the Geometer's 
Sketchpad to make original tessellations, and provides a
tutorial sketch to download:

Tessellations by Cathi's students at Punahou School in 
Honolulu, Hawaii are on the Web, together with comments
they have written about their work:

For fun, try manipulating a JavaSketchpad tessellation, 
from the Forum, or download more sketches:

If you don't have the Geometer's Sketchpad, you can download 
a demo version from the Math Forum:


Cathi Sanders teaches a portfolio class in high school 
geometry at Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii, and an 
E-School interactive electronic geometry class funded 
through the Hawaii Department of Education. She has a
particular interest in projects that interweave geometry, 
art, and design.



The HQC SciEng Online Solution Library contains interactive 
science and engineering solution tools that can be used to 
compute geometry, basic math functions, series, linear 
algebraic equations, nonlinear equations, interpolating, 
curve fitting or regression, integration, differentiation, 
differential equations, statistics, graphic plotting, data 
visualization, and more. Contents include:

    1. Geometrical Computation 
    2. Basic Mathematical Computation 
    3. Vector Computation 
    4. Matrix Computation 
    5. Complex Computation 
    6. Special Functions
    7. Calculators
    8. Series
    9. Conversion 
   10. Linear Algebraic Equations  
   11. Nonlinear Equations 
   12. Eigenvalue and Eigenvectors
   13. Interpolating
   14. Curve Fitting and Regression 
   15. Numerical Differentiation 
   16. Numerical Integration
   17. Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE)
   18. Partial Differential Equations (PDE)
   19. Statistics
   20. Function Plotting

You can also download this shareware library and integrate 
it into your internet or intranet system.


                MATH AWARENESS WEEK 1998 IS HERE
                       26 April - 2 May
                   Mathematics and Imaging

               IMAGING THE IMAGINED - Paul Flavin

             "Raytracing tips from da Vinci and me"

  The art and science of modeling: rendering imagined worlds 
  with math and a keyboard. 

    - Platonic Solids and Polyhedra 
    - 'Tensegrity' (tension) structures 
    - A gentle introduction to raytracing 
    - The Quadric surfaces 
    - A tiny Object library: tanks to teapots 
    - Venus de Milo 

  and Java Applets featuring Virtual Reality: Modeling with 
  Math, and a little Java; toying with reality and working 
  on games (games, graphs, geometry, Calculus).


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