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Volume 3, Number 19

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11 May 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 19


Internet Algebra - O'Brien | Math Essays - Rusin | WWW Statistics - Lock


In February we highlighted O'Brien's unit on graphing
linear equations, created for an Algebra 1 class. 
Now explore four two-day Internet projects for Algebra:

  - Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers
      The Stock Market: interpret, organize, and analyze 
      data, and order a prospectus from a mutual fund.

  - Scientific and Standard Notation
      The Nine Planets: analyze, explore, and interpret
      data, and make conjectures based on given facts.

  - Scatter Plot, Best Fit Line, Slope, Y-Intercept, and 
    Equation of a Line
      The Campaign Trail: use these graphing techniques
      to predict voting patterns and outcomes.

  - Mean and Median, Stem Leaf Diagram, and Histogram
    and Rounding
      The Indy 500: organize and interpret data to find
      mean and average speeds, lap times, and more.



A collection of roughly 1100 short articles designed to
provide an introduction to the subject areas of modern
mathematics, with answers to some common and not-so-common 
questions; to describe a few of the milestone results and
topics; and to indicate some of the key resources where
further information can be found.

Material is arranged in a hierarchy of disciplines; you may
take a tour (good for newcomers), click on a territory on
the "MathMap"; choose from a list of subject headings; or 
search for a topic by keyword(s). 

General subjects range from Foundations, Combinatorics, and
Number Theory and Abstract Algebra to a "Gentle Introduction 
to the Mathematics Subject Classification Scheme":

As you browse Rusin's pages, don't miss his collection of
information about the interplay between MATHEMATICS AND MUSIC 
- everything from the theory of chords and how it's useful 
in piano-tuning to "Math and Chopin's music," "Music and 
Birkhoff's math," and why logarithms are relevant and what 
you do with them.




A paper presented at Technology in Statistics Education, a 
1998 conference for teachers sponsored by the Boston Chapter 
of the American Statistical Association. Its purpose is
to direct readers to statistics instruction support sites
on the World Wide Web. 

The paper includes on-line course materials and texts; 
JAVA demonstrations; electronic journals and discussion lists; 
"Data, Data, and More Data" (data set archives, pages of links 
to data sites, government and official agencies, data about 
the Web, and textbook data); and miscellaneous links.

An Outline and an All-in-one-page version are also available:


          TAPPED IN  - MATHEMATICS with Dave Kershaw


  MONDAY, MAY 11 - 4:00 PM Pacific time; 7:00 PM in the East

  Does having just one computer keep you from using
  technology in your classroom? Here's an open
  invitation for teachers with access to few computers:
  come tell us what you do, so we can do it too.

  The Math Forum brings its resources to TAPPED IN's 
  professional development multi-user virtual discussion
  environment. All grade levels are welcome. 

  For questions about the discussions or using TAPPED IN, 
  contact Dave Kershaw ( or 
  Judi Fusco (


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