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Volume 3, Number 22

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 1 June 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 22


Patterns - Dartmouth | Networking Projects - Glazer | AMUCHMA Newsletter


A syllabus, course pages (notes, figures, questions, group 
work and homework), final projects, and class art work from 
PATTERN, a 1996 cross-curricular math and art class given
at Dartmouth College. 

Each topic in the course contents is organized into a 
"math part" and an "art part":
  - Ritual Geometry, the Mandala and its Symmetries
  - Mandala Symmetries, Group Elements, Lusona 
  - Groups and Groups Acting on Sets
  - Klimt and the Computer
  - Islam
  - Penrose and Rice
  - Escher
  - Hundertwasser and Griffeath

PATTERN is part of an NSF-funded project designed to 
integrate the study of mathematics into the whole curriculum. 
The site also includes courses on Chaos, Late Renaissance 
Thought and the New Universe; First Year Mathematics and
Science courses; Statistics Across the Curriculum; and 



               NETWORKING PROJECTS - Evan Glazer

Mathematics projects with directions and handouts for high
school teachers and students. Based on topics chosen to be
of interest to students, the projects use Internet data and 
cover subjects such as exponential modelling and quadratic 

Evan Glazer teaches mathematics at Glenbrook South High
School in Glenview, Illinois. His Web pages also include:

  - Holy Cow! - download a Geometer's Sketchpad sketch!.gsp
    A geometry lesson on the physics of baseball, with a 
    Geometer's SketchPad template that displays the changing
    trajectory of a ball as you alter its initial height,
    velocity, and angle of elevation. Also a guide, at:

  - Internet Projects and Activities for your Classroom
    A presentation given at the NCTM annual conference in 

  - Exploring Mathematics on the World Wide Web
    Links to sites with math Internet projects and activities. 
    Locations have been categorized into areas related to   
    communication, interactive sites, downloadable programs,
    accessing data, resource databases, and miscellaneous fun.

If you're interested in Internet research, you can read an 
abstract of Evan's thesis, "An Analysis of Discourse on an 
Internet-Based Listserv for Mathematics Educators":


                      AMUCHMA NEWSLETTER

This home page of the newsletter of the African Mathematical
Union Commission on the History of Mathematics in Africa
(AMUCHMA) includes links to many issues published so far.
Available in Arabic, English, and French, the newsletter
is free of charge upon request, and may also be requested 
in Portuguese. Its contents include notices of meetings, 
current research interests, biographical sketches of famous 
African mathematicians, and "Have you read?" sections. See,
in particular, No.  9, for a paper presented by Paulus Gerdes:
"On the History of Mathematics in Africa South of the Sahara,"
outlining numeration systems, number symbolism, riddles and 
puzzles, art and symmetries, games, geometry and architecture, 
and more.
The AMUCHMA newsletter page is provided by Prof. Scott
Williams of the Mathematics Department at SUNY Buffalo, as



For a discussion of the difficulties inherent in assigning
nationality to historical figures in mathematics, see a
conversation on the math-history list, archived by the
Math Forum:

Mathematics in the History of Africa / AMUCHMA Newsletter


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