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Volume 3, Number 23

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 8 June 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 23


 KQED Math Online | Gov't. Info Sharing Project | Matemática List

             MATH ONLINE - KQED, San Francisco

KQED's Center for Education and Lifelong Learning (CELL) 
presents a series of math lessons for K-12 students and 
teachers, including online and video resources. 

KQED/CELL math lessons are presented by grade level and
as a list, and the site also offers links to other lessons 
on the Web and recommendations for math sites for students
and teachers:

The Math Online Resource Center offers links to sites with
information on a variety of subjects:
  - Picasso was a Mathematician - The Art of Math
  - The Shape of Things - Questions about Geometry
  - Inventing Zero - Math History
  - Stumpers - Problem Solving
  - Einstein's Protractor - Science and Math
  - Way Back When - Resources for Parents
  - A Good Read - Books on Math
  - The Facilitators of Learning - Resources for Teachers
  - Solve for the Unknown - Questions about Algebra
  - A Helping Hand - Tutorials
  - The "Fun"damentals of Calculus
  - What is...? - Glossary of Math Terms

KQED also includes a page of links to sites that provide
math news and events:


                  Oregon State University 


For teachers and students of statistics: a service that 
provides a searchable Web interface to data collected, 
compiled, and published by government agencies, including 
federal statistical information issued on CD-ROM and 
distributed through the Federal Depository Library 

Data and information are available for:

  - USA Counties, 1996
  - 1990 Census of Population and Housing
  - Population Estimates by Age, Sex, and Race, 1990-1994
  - Equal Employment Opportunity File, 1990
  - School Distric Data Book Profiles, 1989-1990
  - Regional Economic Information System, 1969-1995
  - 1992 Economic Census
  - Census of Agriculture, 1982, 1987, 1992
  - U.S. Imports/Exports History, 1992-1996
  - Consolidated Federal Funds Report, 1986-1996
  - Earnings by Occupation and Education, 1990

You may join an GOVINFO ListServ e-mail list to receive 
notice of changes to this site.



                    MATEMATICA (ex-PROMAT)


MATEMATICA es una lista de correo electrónico para tratar 
temas relacionados con Matemática (tanto temas técnicos 
como su historia, didáctica, etc.) y ciencias afines.

MATEMATICA is a mailing list for topics related to 
mathematics (technical matters as well as math history, 
pedagogy, etc.) and related sciences. CONTRIBUTIONS

  To subscribe,              Para suscribirse, hay que
  send a message to          enviar un mensaje a:
  and in the body of the     y en el cuerpo
  message write only         escribir solamente
               subscribe matematica
Un archivo buscable de la lista es hospedado por el Math
Forum. A searchable archive of the list is hosted by
the Math Forum:

Hay mas información sobre la lista en la página "About
this discussion":


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