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Volume 3, Number 29

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20 July 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 29


Math Forum Sum98 | ShowMe Project | Scott Kim, Puzzle Master


    Developing Internet Mathematics Projects and Resources    

From July 6-11, the Math Forum hosted its third Advanced 
Summer Institute for mathematics educators who are 
developing high-quality uses of the Internet. We brought 
together a group of creative, Web-savvy teachers in order to
introduce them to each other, to new tools, to interesting 
mathematics, and to Forum staff from whom they might receive 
continuing support. Our goal was to enhance projects and 
resources they were already developing, and to build a 
community that will help others do the same.

To see Web pages created by Sum98 participants, follow the 
links from our Participant Projects page. For an idea of the 
organization and flow of the week - from our introductory 
game, Human Graph Theory, to participant activities and 
Forum staff presentations on formatting math for the Web,
forms, Java GSP, Javascript, dynamic HTML, tools for 
displaying math on the Web, and building online community - 
see the Agenda and read our Daily Summaries: 

- Participant Projects

- List of Participants

- Sum98 Agenda

- Daily Summaries

  The Forum's workshop pages offer the agendas of previous 
  summer institutes, with links to work done by participants.


                      THE SHOW-ME CENTER


A National Science Foundation project supporting the
implementation of standards-based middle grades mathematics 
curricula. The ShowMe site features: 

- a searchable calendar of professional development 
- the Show-Me Project center and satellites, with related
  NSF-sponsored implementation and curriculum projects

- the Mathematics Curricula Showcase: a tool for comparing
  five curricula on key features. These projects were 
  funded in 1992 by the NSF to develop comprehensive
  standards-based curricula:

     Connected Math
     Math in Context

 - Related literature: selected articles and papers on
   mathematics curriculum reform.

                   SCOTT KIM, PUZZLE MASTER


A puzzle and graphic design creator, Scott Kim offers his 
online puzzles, information about his performing arts 
activities such as those involving math and dance, and a 
gallery of inversions or ambigrams, a term coined by 
cognitive scientist Douglas Hofstadter for words or names 
written so they read in more than one way. Some inversions 
read the same upside down, some flip in a mirror, some read
as two different words, some as the same word both ways. 
(Kim's logo reads the same right side up and upside down.)



This discussion page, hosted by Scott Kim, offers:

- a puzzle design discussion board

- "Games for the Rest of Us: Puzzles, Board Games & Game 
  Shows" a talk presented at the 1998 Computer Game 
  Developers Conference

- links to puzzle sites on the Web


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