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Volume 3, Number 33

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17 August 1998                                     Vol. 3, No. 33


Geometric Figures: Formula FAQ | POW Mentor Project | Math in the Movies

To find formulas for ellipses and ellipsoids, polygons and 
polyhedra, consult this new Frequently Asked Questions 
unit by "Dr. Rob," a 'math doctor' and volunteer 
administrator for the Math Forum's interactive project, 
Ask Dr. Math. 

Diagrams and some applets accompany formulas for two- and 
three-dimensional figures:

    triangle                    rectangular parallelepiped
      equilateral                 cube
      isosceles                 prism
      right                     pyramid
      scalene                     square pyramid
    quadrilateral                 pyramid frustum
      general quadrilateral     regular polyhedron
      square                      tetrahedron
      rectangle                   cube
      parallelogram               octahedron
      rhombus                     dodecahedron
      trapezoid                   icosahedron
      kite                      cylinder
      cyclic quadrilateral        right circular cylinder
      cyclic-inscriptable       cone
    regular polygon               right circular cone
    circle                        cone frustum
      arc                       sphere
      segment                     sector
      sector                      cap
    ellipse                       segment, zone
    parabolic segment             lune
                                circular torus
                                spherical polygon

Links to other useful sites and a page on defining geometric 
figures are also included:


                    BE A MATH FORUM MENTOR:


Mentoring is a rewarding experience that can help your
students enhance their communication skills as they discuss 
problem-solving techniques.

The Math Forum's Problems of the Week (POWs) are designed to
provide creative, non-routine challenges for students, who
are encouraged to explain their solutions and receive 
individual responses from mentors. The success of each project 
relies on the work done by these volunteers, who can be:

  - elementary, middle school, or high school teachers,
      together with their classes;

  - pre-service teachers;

  - college students and/or professors;

  - retirees who like problem-solving and interacting 
      with young children;

  - others who love math and are willing to share their
      experience with students.

Mentors are needed for five Forum projects that will
begin in September. To volunteer, first read about mentor 
responsibilities and then register online:

  Elementary Problem of the Week

  Middle School Problem of the Week

  Geometry Problem of the Week

  Algebra Problem of the Week

  Trigonometry and Calculus Problem of the Week


           MATH IN THE MOVIES - Arnold G. Reinhold

It's My Turn (1980)
  "In the opening scene of this romantic comedy, Jill 
   Clayburgh, playing a mathematics professor, proves
   the 'snake lemma' of homological algebra..."

Sneakers (1992)
  "...the film correctly points out that a breakthrough 
   in factoring could happen and would be worth a lot to
   criminals and people who break codes."

Die Hard: With A Vengeance (1995)
  "Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson are given a five 
   gallon jug and a three gallon jug, and must put exactly 
   four gallons of water on a scale to keep a bomb from 
   exploding. "

... and many more.

A growing guide to motion pictures that include scenes with 
real mathematics. Each movie is linked to further information,
mathematical scene(s) are described, and the math content
is rated.


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