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Volume 3, Number 38

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21 September 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 38


 Math Forum's Class2Class | Totally Tessellated | Equity@ENC

                 CLASS2CLASS - The Math Forum


Need some excitement in your math class? Try Class2Class,
a new service created by Melanie Sprouse and hosted by the 
Math Forum, where we hope math teachers will create and
participate in new projects and collaborations, taking
advantage of one of the powerful features of the Internet:
connecting people and information at a distance. 

Collaborative projects, data-collecting experiments, peer 
tutoring, and keypal exchanges are just a few of the ways you 
can use Class2Class to enhance your mathematics curriculum. 
Read about the service at:

Follow the links from the Class2Class home page to post
projects you'd like other classes to join, or browse
the archive for ideas that look interesting for your
class. Contributions should be math-oriented, but any 
teacher or class presenting an idea with a strong math 
component may submit a project to the database.

You may also join the Class2Class mailing list to receive
notifications of recent teacher postings and updates on
Class2Class happenings.

Comments and questions may be e-mailed to Melanie Sprouse:


       TOTALLY TESSELLATED - Bhushan, Kay, & Williams


A comprehensive introduction to tessellations and tilings 
that explains the basic mathematics underlying tessellations 
and presents many real-life examples. A printable site map
illustrates major topics and subsections:

 - History: tessellations in mathematics and science, 
     ancient and modern decorative uses, a historical
     image gallery, and M. C. Escher
 - Essentials: background information, from foundations
     in polygons and angles to color use and simple
     tessellations with regular or non-regular polygons  
 - Mosaics/tilings: tilings of regular and non-regular
     polygons, creating other tilings, and modifying 
     existing tilings
 - M. C. Escher: introduction, biography, trends in his 
     work, and an analysis of twelve of his tessellations
 - Beyond: other design and color techniques, related art
     movements, and related advanced mathematical topics

This 1998 ThinkQuest entry also provides pages for help and
searching, a site development description, a gallery where
you can browse other users' tessellations, submit your own,
and vote on the best entries, a message board, an illustrated
glossary specific to the mathematics and art of tessellations,
and categorized, annotated outside links.


  Related sites on the Web:


      EQUITY@ENC - Making Schools Work for Every Child


A site for those concerned about educational equity, offering 
a collection of equity materials related to K-12 math and 
science education in six primary content categories:

 - Getting started - including an introduction to the 
     theoretical underpinnings of the issue of equity in 
     the school setting
 - Stories and cases - innovative programs, real-life 
     stories, and questions for reflection
 - Equity materials - a resource guide and professional 
     development materials including articles and 
     Internet sources
 - Community building - helping address equity issues in 
     school communities
 - Self-Assessment - materials to help educators reflect 
     on their own beliefs about equity
 - Resource Finder - ENC's catalog of math and science 
     curriculum resources

From the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics 
and Science Education.


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