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Volume 3, Number 40

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5 October 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 40


 Secondary Math Units - Sinclair | Moneyopolis | October Math Hunt

            SECONDARY MATH UNITS - Margaret Sinclair

Secondary-level units focused on using technology in the 

For grades 9 and 10:

 - Data Collecting in the Classroom
     Data collected by class members from class members,
     used as a basis for analysis. 

 - Algebraic Problem-Solving using Spreadsheets
     Why solve problems with spreadsheets? A week-long unit
     on setting up formulas and problems, with samples and 
     classroom follow-up.  

 - Skydome Review Unit
     Practice in basic skills through investigating facts
     from a newspaper or Web site.

For grades 11 and 12:

 - Three Days in the Lab
     Sketchpad geometry assignments for when lab time 
     is short. 

 - Linear Transformations using Spreadsheets 
     Investigating the effect of a variety of linear 
     transformations on a unit square and a rectangle. 

 - Show and Tell for Big Kids
      Math for using computers when lab time is limited:
      topics for activity-based independent study.

 - Investigating Functions using Spreadsheets
      Why use spreadsheets to investigate functions? A unit
      offering spreadsheets to download (ClarisWorks and
      Excel), with lessons, question sets, and suggestions
      for seminars.


                  MONEYOPOLIS - Ernst & Young


A public service educational Web site created to teach basic 
financial planning concepts to children in grades 6-8,
providing tools and programs for enhancing basic skills in
math, financial planning, decision-making (logic), reading,
and computer use.

The project centers around a financial planning game based 
on a five-step process: assessment, goal setting, strategy 
setting, implementation, and reviewing and adjusting.
Children move through various financial-planning centers in
a "virtual city," managing money and working toward defined 
goals. Materials are available to support math teachers as
they help children use the site. 

The Moneyopolis project can be integrated into classroom 
activities through suggested lesson plans and related 
activities. A financial planning curriculum is linked with 
the math curriculum.




The Internet Math Hunt consists of questions about math and 
mathematicians. The answers can be found somewhere on the 
Internet. Answers should be in three parts: 

  1. What did you find? 
  2. What is the URL (address) where you eventually found 
     the information? 
  3. How did you find that page? 

The answers to the questions can be found on the World Wide 
Web, although ftp and gopher solutions are acceptable. 
If you find it on the Internet, it's legitimate.

A winner will be selected at random each month from all the 
complete submissions. You could win a Math Forum t-shirt!

The OCTOBER 1998 MATH HUNT can be found at:


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