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Volume 3, Number 42

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19 October 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 42


SMARD: Java Math | Puzzlemaker - Stephens | Puzzle World - Rausch

                 SMARD: JAVA MATH - Rex Boggs

A collection of Java Web sites in support of mathematics 
education, from the Secondary Mathematics Assessment and 
Resource Database in Queensland, Australia.

Included are:

- Uses of Java Applets in Mathematics Education
    an overview of how Java applets can be used to enhance 
    instruction in the mathematics classroom, by Chris Mawata

- Archive Sites - Lots of Applets!
    links to sites that collect applets, including Manipula
    Maths and the Java Applet Review Service (JARS)

- Links to selected applets, by topic:
    number patterns and algebra
    complex numbers
    parametric and polar equations
    mathematical fun

Java Math is a part of the SMARD database teaching area:


                   PUZZLEMAKER - Paul Stephens 


Forms for creating ten computer-generated puzzles linked to 
solutions on the Web: 

 - Mazes
     choose from a variety of shapes and path patterns, and 
     set the dimensions

 - Number Blocks
     create a block of numbers where each row, column and 
     diagonal add up to a total, but some numbers remain to 
     be filled in

 - Math Square
     specify the range of numbers that will uniquely satisfy 
     a grid with arithmetic operations and end totals already 
     filled in

Other puzzles include:

 - Double Puzzle (two-level word scramble)
 - Criss-Cross Puzzle (crossword)
 - Word Search
 - Word Search with a Hidden Message
 - Cryptograms
 - Letter Tiles (unscrambling letter tiles to rebuild 
     a phrase)
 - Fallen Phrase (unscrambling phrases one row at a time)

In addition to computer-generated puzzles, the author
displays unique hand-drawn mazes by artist Tesseract.
The site also features documentation of the ActiveX objects
and the Virtual Basic software used to create the puzzles, 
and a FAQ that includes instructions for saving and/or
transferring puzzles to a word processor.


                   PUZZLE WORLD - John Rausch


A searchable site with information and a discussion group 
about handcrafted mechanical puzzles. Most of the puzzles 
presented are not the mass-produced variety found in stores,
but limited production puzzles produced by craftsmen (often
the designers themselves) working primarily in wood. 

Categories include: 
  - put-together puzzles
  - take-apart puzzles
  - interlocking puzzles
  - disentanglement puzzles
  - sequential movement puzzles
  - puzzle vessels
  - dexterity puzzles
  - vanish puzzles
  - impossible objects. 

Also at this site:

The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections - Stewart Coffin 

Nick Baxter's Sliding Block Puzzles


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