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Volume 3, Number 45

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9 November 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 45


 100th Day of School | Geometry - Kutztown | Random Tilings

                      100TH DAY OF SCHOOL

                 Loogootee Community Schools

A collection of interactive activities, classroom projects,
and other suggestions for teachers of children ages 8-14 
to help celebrate the 100th day of school:

 - a 100 E-Mail Messages Project invites classes to
   exchange e-mail worldwide, linking geography and
   language arts with math activities

 - links to relevant sites and ways for classes to search
   using Yahooligans, a search engine for elementary school 

 - an Internet Activities Web page offers ideas and a 
   place for people to submit their own suggestions:


              (2) 100TH DAY OF SCHOOL WEBSITE
                          Joan Holub

A site created by Joan Hulub, the illustrator of the book 
_The 100th Day of School_ by Angela Medearis (Scholastic), to
encourage and enhance 100th Day celebrations in schools. 

  - 100 questions invites students to send questions
    about writing or illustrating books

  - 100th Day Books offers a list of publications: favorite 
    math classroom texts, beginning books, stories, game 
    and puzzler books, and books just for teachers of 
    elementary math  

  - 150 Celebration Ideas provides a wealth of suggestions
    for the classroom, to which you may contribute:


            GEOMETRY WEB PAGE - Kutztown University

Sixteen introductory geometry activities, with explanations,
illustrations, instructions for classroom exercises, and test

   - Tangrams
   - Golden Ratio
   - Geoboard
   - Polygons
   - Symmetry (in Euclidean geometry, using Mira)
   - Constructions
   - Polyominoes and Polyiamonds
   - Star Polygons
   - Special Points in Polygons
   - Polygon Tessellations
   - Kaleidoscope Tessellations
   - Escher Tessellations
   - Space Cubes
   - Polyhedra
   - Symmetry in Space
   - Topological Considerations

       This and other pages on Mathematics for Business 
       and Fundamentals of Mathematics are authored by 
       Dr. Ephraim Fithian, Professor of Mathematics at 
       Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.



      RANDOM TILINGS - An Undergraduate Research Project


This project investigates different regions of random tilings 
of nxn squares with 1x2 dominoes: square, hexagon, fortress, 
dungeon, and Aztec diamond.

An Aztec diamond is the set of lattice squares completely 
inside a square tilted 45 degrees; in this region the 
dominoes all go in the same direction at each of the corners. 
This is known as the Arctic Circle phenomenon, because one 
can prove that for a large Aztec diamond, the polar regions, 
where the dominoes are "frozen" into a brickwork pattern, 
are almost always just the regions outside the inscribed 

The site includes papers relevant to the research project, 
other papers with more theoretical results, software 
documentation, a scrapbook of pictures; and "Random tilings 
in motion," applets that use the Propp-Wilson algorithm to 
form animated tilings of the various regions: 


 The project is directed by Prof. Jim Propp of M.I.T.'s School
 of Mathematics, and David B. Wilson of the Institute for 
 Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ. 


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