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Volume 3, Number 46

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16 November 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 46


  INSTRUCT - Shotsberger | Paper Folding | Illusion Works

               INSTRUCT - Paul G. Shotsberger 
    Implementing the NCTM School Teaching Recommendations 
           Using Collaborative Telecommunications

A site that provides online teacher professional development 
for planning, instruction, and assessment of mathematics 
classes. Online meetings, WWW resources for math educators, 
chat sessions, and a message board are featured. 

A hypermedia adaptation of the NCTM Standards for Teaching 
Mathematics introduces the standards by topic, with sample
problems and discussions (we include here a few of the 
linked subtopics, which merit further exploration): 

 Worthwhile mathematical tasks
   - mathematical content
   - ways in which students learn mathematics
 Teacher's role in discourse 
   - students in small groups or one large group 
   - whom to call on when
 Tools for enhancing discourse
   - computers, calculators and other technology 
   - manipulatives, models and crafts 
 Student's role in discourse
   - making conjectures 
   - proposing approaches and solutions to problems 
 Learning environment
   - student success
   - using the physical space and materials of the classroom
 Analysis of teaching and learning 
   - evaluations of problem solving 
   - student portfolios 


                   PAPER FOLDING - LWCD Inc.

Activities that use paper to explore various aspects of
mathematics, designed to make math more visual for users
of all ages, with examples and suggestions for teaching

Contents include:

  - historical perspectives of paper folding
  - six basic rules of paper folding
  - expanding the six folding rules to produce thirteen
      basic geometric constructions
  - investigating triangles and circles
  - reflections, translations, rotations, and glide 
  - fractions
  - tessellation art
  - create your own tangram puzzles
  - the strategy of miniature golf or "A hole-in-one
      every time through paper folding" 

These pages, excerpted from a book published by LWCD Inc.,
also offer ideas that can be used as the basis for
classroom demonstrations or practical work.



An educational Web site on illusions, perception, and
brain and cognitive science, examining perception through 
interactive explorations of illusions. 

For interactive illusion puzzles, original illusion artwork, 
bibliographies, recommended school projects, educational
resources such as books for adults and children, products,
games and toys, and related merchandise, start at the
advanced level of the Illusion Works site:

(an introductory level is planned at

Many of the illusion demonstrations are interactive, 
allowing users to manipulate parameters, and so reveal 
how the human visual system discerns images, objects, 
or motions.


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