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Volume 3, Number 47A  -  November 1998 Discussions

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25 November 1998                                 Vol. 3, No. 47A


This special issue of the Math Forum's weekly newsletter  
highlights interesting conversations taking place during
November of 1998 on Internet math discussion groups. 

For a full list of these groups, with links to topics covered
and information on how to subscribe, see:


  Replies to individual discussions should be addressed to
  the appropriate group rather than to the newsletter editor.

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                     NOVEMBER SUGGESTIONS:

GEOMETRY-PRE-COLLEGE (discussion group archive at:

November conversations about two-column proofs spanned a
number of threads:

  Two-column Proof

   "I'm working on two-column proofs and I understand how
    to do it, but it is hard having to remember all the
    theorems, postulates, etc. and apply them to the future
    proofs... I'm home schooling so a teacher isn't
    available." - TiGER

For more, search the discussion group for two column proof.

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GEOMETRY-PUZZLES (discussion group archive at:

  A General Theory of Puzzles?

   "Can anybody point me to some references for theoretical
    treatments of puzzle games in general? I am particularly
    interested in ways of classifying puzzles." - Chris Campbell
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  Areas = to Perimeters

   "How many right triangles, with integral sides, have areas
    equal to their perimeters? How many rectangles with
    integral sides have this same property? Is there a
    generally accepted name for any geometric figure which has
    this property?" - Richard Beeler

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GEOMETRY-RESEARCH (discussion group archive at:

  A Theorem concerning the Trisectors of a Triangle

   "While investigating the Morley triangle, I came upon this
    theorem which some might find interesting.
       If the Angular trisectors of a triangle are produced
       to the Circumcircle, then the Chords of adjacent
       trisectors form an Equilateral triangle.
    It has been suggested that this result might follow from
    Morley's theorem. So far, I have been unable to make this
    connection. Any thoughts?" - Den Roussel

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HISTORIA-MATEMATICA (discussion group archive at:

   Is Greek mathematics the *real* thing?

   "'The Greeks were the first mathematicians who are still
    'real' to us to-day. Oriental mathematics may be an
    interesting curiosity, but Greek mathematics is the real
    thing. The Greeks first spoke a language which modern
    mathematicians can understand...' [Hardy]
    Since Hardy wrote this passage almost 60 years ago, right
    now I am naively wondering whether this passage has passed
    the test of time." - Julio Gonzalez Cabillon

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MATH-EDU (discussion group archive at:

  Learning disabilities

   "Is anyone doing research on specifically math-related
    learning problems?" - Sandra Z. Keith

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  We hope you will find these selections useful, and that you
  will browse and participate in the discussion group(s) of
  your choice.

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