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Volume 3, Number 48

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30 November 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 48


Through the Glass Wall | Cut the Knot/MAA Online | BSHM History Sites

                 THROUGH THE GLASS WALL - TERC
         Computer Software for Mathematical Empowerment

An NSF-funded research project that has spent two years
looking at how girls and boys play mathematical computer
games in order to answer such questions as:

 - How can children learn significant mathematics from 
   computer games?
 - What are the characteristics of games, and of 
   game-playing contexts, that interact with learning?
 - What patterns are there in girls' and boys' approaches 
   to games and in their learning from these games?

The site provides descriptions of over 50 games, with
reviews, sample dialogues of children playing and
interacting with games, and suggested Web links and print
resources. Topics include: 

 - gender and technology, mathematics, and play
 - technology in education and in the classroom
 - technology and popular culture, "games for girls"
 - advice on choosing software, with links to reviewers 
   and sellers.

The project's research questions and outcomes also offer
links to papers written to date, and an essay on the
reviews onsite exploring these questions:

 - What is Mathematical and Equitable Game Software (MEGS)?
 - What does it mean to be a good piece of mathematics 
   education software? 
 - What does it mean to be an equitable piece of game 
 - What does it mean to be a good computer game?


          CUT THE KNOT (MAA Online) - Alex Bogomolny

       Your task is to break a chocolate bar with even 
       rows and columns of small squares. How many splits
       does it take to finish breaking it along the lines?
       What's the answer here? What's the problem?
Bogomolny's MAA Online interactive monthly column uses Java 
applets to simulate or illustrate puzzles and problems. His
topics range widely:

 - Breaking Chocolate Bars 
 - Tribute to Invariance 
 - Between Arithmetic and Algebra 
 - Dot Patterns and Sierpinski Gasket 
 - The Collage Theorem 
 - Merlin's Magic Squares 
 - Pick's Theorem 
 - Modes of Thinking 
 - Proofs Without Words 
 - Mathematics || Computers (Or Is It &&?) 
 - Hearty Munching on Cardioids 
 - Periodic Points of Quadratic Polynomials 
 - Doodling and Miracles 

Alex Bogomolny maintains the popular site Interactive
Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles:



            WEB SITES ON THE HISTORY OF MATHEMATICS                             
Links to Web sites containing material relevant to the study
of the history of mathematics. Some of them are specifically 
devoted to math history, while others are part of larger 
sites. Pages that contain images and are slow to download
are marked with an asterisk (*). Sites are organized in the
following categories:

 - General sites 
 - Web resources 
 - Biographies 
 - Regional mathematics 
 - Museums with mathematics exhibits 
 - Special exhibits 
 - Books on-line 
 - Student presentations 
 - Miscellaneous 
 - Bibliography 
 - Societies 
 - Journals 

This page was compiled by June Barrow-Green for the British 
Society for the History of Mathematics:



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