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Volume 3, Number 51

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21 December 1998                                   Vol. 3, No. 51


Mathematical Atlas - Rusin | Applications of Math - APPLY | MonsterMath

    Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) - Dave Rusin

A collection of short articles introducing the subject
areas of modern mathematics, organized according to the 
Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) scheme developed 
by the American Mathematical Society and Zentralblatt 
für Mathematik.

The material is arranged in a hierarchy of disciplines. 
You may choose from a list of subject headings, search for 
a topic by keywords, click on a territory in the MathMap, 
or take a tour (good for newcomers):

  General headings:
    - Foundations
    - (Abstract) Algebra and Number Theory
    - Geometry and Topology
    - Mathematical Analysis, including 
       Calculus and Real Analysis
       Complex Variable Analysis
       Differential Equations
       Functional Analysis
       Numerical Analysis and Optimization. 

  Applied and related areas: 
    - Computer and Information Sciences
    - Probability and Statistics
    - Physical Sciences and Engineering
    - History, Education, Other. 

Subcategories within headings introduce subject areas, 
describe milestone results and topics, and point to 
key resources where more information is to be found.

There is also a "Gentle Introduction to the Mathematics 
Subject Classification Scheme":


  APPLICATIONS OF MATHEMATICS - Center for Applied Academics 


Applications of mathematics in careers, with lesson plans 
created to help teachers prepare students for the workplace 
and postsecondary education. Each provides a career 
discussion, information about the mathematics involved, and 
student activity sheets. In one lesson, students studying 
to be mechanical drafter designers measure angles using a 
carpenter's square, string, and a protractor as they design 
an elevator for an amusement park.

Careers cover sports, trades, and professions, including the
following and more:

- Teeing Off (Golf Pro)
  What makes a good golfer? "Good form" can be described 

- Tuning In (Piano Repair Technician)
  Math is at the centre of what we consider harmonious.

- Pixelmaniacs (Computer Game Designer)
  Ever wonder how Donkey Kong moves across the monitor?     
  The secret to his motion is mathematics.

- Paint by Numbers (House Painter)
  Making a winning bid depends on using mathematics, 
  including measurements and the formula for area.

- Daunting Peaks (Volcanologist)
  Sampling rocks, making graphs, and interpreting results.

- Formula for Success (Market Analyst)
  Picking the right stocks isn't a matter of luck but 
  research, intuition, and mathematics. Learn the formulas.

- Let it Fly! (Aerospace Engineer)
  Students determine whether they can use an aluminum support 
  rod in a design for an airplane. Will the plane get off the 

APPLY Lesson Ideas are published in partnership by the Center 
for Applied Academics, the Bridges Initiatives Inc., and the 
B.C. Ministry of Education, Skills and Training.


             MONSTERMATH - Lifelong Software, Inc.

A game project designed to introduce young children to a 
variety of basic math concepts such as counting, addition, 
and multiplication, and to allow the players to be 

Each page has a math problem; players click on the correct 
answer to advance in the story. If you click on an incorrect 
answer, a screen asks you to try again.

With the free Talker plug-in and Apple's text-to-speech 
technology, the monsters can talk on the Macintosh (for 
Spanish, also download the Mexican voices Carlos and 


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