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Volume 4, Number 34A  -  August 1999 Discussions

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25 August 1999                                 Vol. 4, No. 34A


  This special issue of the Math Forum's weekly newsletter
  highlights recent interesting conversations on Internet 
  math discussion groups.

  For a full list of these groups with links to topics covered
  and information on how to subscribe, see:


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                       AUGUST SUGGESTIONS:


- Hyperbolic embedding (15 Aug. 1999)

 "If you embed a 2-D Euclidean surface within a 3-D Hyperbolic 
  space then do you see the (so-called flat) surface having a 
  positive curvature?" - Uday Patil

- Cutting a torus (16 Aug. 1999)

 "What happens when you cut a torus, normal to the circular 
  cross-section, all the way around? Okay, the simplest cut 
  produces two half toruses that can be separated. But suppose 
  you rotate the blade slowly, so that it makes a half turn 
  (180 degrees) as it travels around the torus. Can you 
  separate the 'halves'? What about a full turn?" - Colin Cook

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- Geometer's Sketchpad or Cabri Geometry?

 "As a future middle or high school math teacher, I was 
  wondering which of the two software packages is the best. 
  I would certainly welcome the opinions of anyone familiar 
  with either one or preferably both. Are there any published 
  reviews available? What features are the best? Which is the 
  most powerful? Which is the easiest to learn and to use?"
  - Seth Johnson

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- Multiplication drill? (19 Aug. 1999)

 "I am tutoring a 15-year-old. She has quite a bit of 
  mathematical ability, but can't multiply as she has never 
  really learned her tables, and that is holding her back.
  Are there any (preferably free or shareware) programs on the 
  Internet which provide drill in multiplication for such 
  people in a palatable format?" - Ian Lowery

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- Logic of wrong solutions (21 Aug. 1999)

 "Are there any materials about the logic underlying wrong 
  solutions given by students? I am familiar with some of this 
  at K-12 (e.g., arithmetic), but I am interested in
  post-calculus, notably proving theorems and solving problems.
  I am interested in related matters of modeling that are part 
  of the mathematical reasoning process. - Harvey Greenberg

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- Critical Thinking (19 Aug. 1999)
 "Our school is looking at the place of critical thinking in 
  the curriculum. Can anyone help me with information about 
  critical thinking and mathematics?" - D. McBain

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- Math for computer programmers? (22 Aug. 1999)

 "What branches of mathematics would be most useful for computer 
  programmers in general?" - Michael

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  We hope you will find these selections useful, and that you
  will browse and participate in the discussion group(s) of
  your choice.  

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