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Volume 4, Number 41

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11 October 1999                                 Vol. 4, No. 41


International Boiling Point Project | MathSURF |
Using Numbers - Darling BOIL, BOIL, TOIL AND TROUBLE THE INTERNATIONAL BOILING POINT PROJECT A project that will run from Sept. 13 to Dec. 10, 1999 - participation is invited at any time during the project. people from all over the world boil water at different elevations and post data to discover which factor in the experiment (room temperature, elevation, volume of water, or heating device) has the greatest influence on boiling point. Students and teachers can boil water, record information, and send it in for inclusion in the database of results. Students can analyze all the data to answer the question: What causes a pot of water to boil? Instructions are included, and students are encouraged to predict what the boiling point might be for a school at a different location, and then to find a school at that location to do the experiment and confirm their theory. Examples of how to graph data are also provided: The project is developed and managed by the Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. -|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|- MATHSURF - Addison Wesley Longman, Inc. MathSURF offers activities and teaching tips designed to supplement Addison Wesley Longman's math teaching materials for grades K-6. Activities are linked to chapters from textbooks and can be used as part of classroom instruction or on their own. Tips for teachers are included for enrichment of activities, a family section offers ideas for doing math at home, and a teacher area has site suggestions for finding more resources. A Problem of the Day is provided for levels 1 (grades 1-2), 2 (grades 3-4), and 3 (grades 5-6): -|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|- USING NUMBERS - Charles Darling Advice for how to write numbers in standard academic prose: when to write them out, how to hyphenate them, how to combine words and numerals, when to use figures instead of words, and a note on punctuation. From the Capital Community-Technical College GUIDE TO GRAMMAR AND WRITING. -|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|- CHECK OUT OUR WEB SITE: The Math Forum Ask Dr. Math Problems of the Week Mathematics Library Teacher2Teacher Discussion Groups Join the Math Forum Send comments to the Math Forum Internet Newsletter editors _o \o_ __| \ / |__ o _ o/ \o/ __|- __/ \__/o \o | o/ o/__/ /\ /| | \ \ / \ / \ /o\ / \ / \ / | / \ / \

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