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Volume 4, Number 5

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1 February 1999                                    Vol. 4, No. 5


Math in Daily Life | Visual Math - Huang |
Venn Diagrams - Ruskey MATH IN DAILY LIFE Annenberg CPB Projects Exhibit Collection Students often question how they will use basic mathematical concepts, algebra, and geometry throughout their lives. This interactive exhibit features articles about how math affects daily decision-making. Contents include: - Playing to Win: probability, casinos, and the lottery - Savings and Credit: calculating interest and managing a credit card - Population Growth: exponential growth and effective display of data in charts and graphs - Home Decorating: figuring area, with a page on Pi - Cooking by Numbers: ratio and proportion, with information on the metric system - The Universal Language: math as a language shared by all human beings regardless of culture, religion, or gender and a page of links to related math resources on the Web. Math in Daily Life is inspired by programs from For All Practical Purposes, a video series in the Annenberg/CPB Multimedia Collection. -|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|- VISUAL MATH FOR JAVA, SYMBMATH - Dr. Weiguang Huang Visual Math is a Java Applet that serves as a graphic calculator, equation-solver, and more. Users can input a function into the f(x) field, calculate it by clicking on the "=" button, solve it using the "solve" button, and plot it with another button. On graphs, you can find coordinates by clicking, input the initial value of x, and zoom in or out. SymbMath is a symbolic calculator and computer algebra system that can perform exact numeric, symbolic and graphic computation. It manipulates complicated formulas and returns answers in terms of symbols, formulas, exact numbers, tables, and graphs. It runs on PCs under MS-DOS and requires only 400 KB free memory. -|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|- A SURVEY OF VENN DIAGRAMS - Frank Ruskey A collection of various facts and figures about Venn diagrams, particularly as they relate to combinatorial properties of the diagrams. The site is a working version of a survey that appeared in Vol. 5(1), 1998 of the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. Site organization: - Who was John Venn? - What is a Venn diagram? formal definition of Venn diagrams general constructions of Venn diagrams - graphs associated with Venn diagrams the planar dual of a Venn diagram how many Venn diagrams are there? extending Venn diagrams minimum vertex Venn diagrams - symmetric Venn diagrams symmetric diagrams for small n Venn diagrams and Gray codes - other variants of Venn diagrams - open problems with references, acknowledgements, and footnotes. This site is associated with the (Combinatorial) Object Server (COS), from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. -|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|- CHECK OUT OUR WEB SITE: The Math Forum Ask Dr. Math Problems of the Week Internet Resources Teacher2Teacher Discussion Groups Join the Math Forum Send comments to the Math Forum Internet Newsletter editors _o \o_ __| \ / |__ o _ o/ \o/ __|- __/ \__/o \o | o/ o/__/ /\ /| | \ \ / \ / \ /o\ / \ / \ / | / \ / \

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