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Volume 4, Number 7

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15 February 1999                                    Vol. 4, No. 7


Mathematics of Change (TERC) | EggMath |
Lego Projects - Blake School MATHEMATICS OF CHANGE (TERC) Testbed for Collaboration, Eisenhower Regional Consortia A site that presents calculus as the mathematics of change, in order to make the subject an essential part of the general education of the population and an accessible and relevant domain of mathematics. TERC envisions calculus as one of the important contexts for students' learning of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry starting in the elementary grades. Mathematics of Change activities include: - K-1: concepts and activities are integrated into the curriculum; students do addition and subtraction story problems where changes occur, making patterns of colors or shapes for others to continue - Grade 2: timelines and rhythm patterns representing time - Grade 3: up and down the number line (changes) - Grade 4: changes over time (graphs) - Grade 5: patterns of change (tables and graphs) These projects are from TERC's Investigations in Number, Data, and Space, a K-5 mathematics curriculum with four major goals: to offer students meaningful mathematical problems; emphasize depth in mathematical thinking rather than superficial exposure to a series of fragmented topics; communicate mathematics content and pedagogy to teachers; and substantially expand the pool of mathematically literate students. \|/ Learn more about the "Investigations" curriculum from the CESAME SUPPORT SITE FOR INVESTIGATIONS IN NUMBER, DATA, AND SPACE This CESAME support site offers a growing number of units, games, and other resources. A collaboration with the Regional Lab at Brown University and the Math Forum, it also provides discussion areas moderated by experienced "Investigations" teachers and hosted by the Math Forum at: -|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|- EGGMATH - Bradlow, Sullivan, Levy, UIUC A collection of modules for K12 classrooms, based on the theme of eggs. Each module offers interactive Java applets and references. Topics include: - The shape of an egg, discussing surfaces of revolution and methods for drawing ovals in the plane: symmetry and cross-section, surfaces of revolution, pin and string construction of ellipses, Cartesian and Cassini Ovals - The White/Yolk Theorem, showing how any two regions of the plane can be equally divided (with a specific case of the Borsuk-Ulam Theorem, including a proof of the theorem) - Spherical geometry, demonstrating the intrinsic curvature of a spherical surface - Embryo calculus, examining exponential growth and the number e EggMath is part of the Chickscope project at the Beckman Institute: -|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|- LEGO PROJECTS - The Blake School Diagrams and pictures of LEGO Dacta projects for pulley and gear systems and robotics, from Minnesota's Blake School. LEGO Logo projects are integrated into the science and computer curriculum of the lower school. Students in the second grade study levers, third graders study pulleys, fourth graders study gears, and fifth graders combine their previous studies into a robotics project. Constructions use simple machine systems, lights, sounds, and at times a sensor. Throughout the fourth and fifth units students keep journals, addressing such questions as: What did we do today? What problems did we encounter? How did we solve these problems? What will we do in the next LEGO session? At the end of the unit, teams present their projects to parents, friends, classmates, and teachers. -|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|- CHECK OUT OUR WEB SITE: The Math Forum Ask Dr. Math Problems of the Week Internet Resources Teacher2Teacher Discussion Groups Join the Math Forum Send comments to the Math Forum Internet Newsletter editors _o \o_ __| \ / |__ o _ o/ \o/ __|- __/ \__/o \o | o/ o/__/ /\ /| | \ \ / \ / \ /o\ / \ / \ / | / \ / \

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