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Volume 5, Number 1

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3 January 2000                                Vol. 5, No. 1


          Figure This! - NCTM | Mathematical Writing
            Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics

      National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) 


Real world elementary-level explorations, with hints, 
suggestions for getting started, explanations of the
importance of the mathematical skills involved, and answers.

A Challenge Index lists problems by topic, and links to
related Web and print resources are provided. Examples 

 - Line Up! How long do you have to stand in line?
 - Beating Heart: How fast does your heart beat?
 - Fill It Up! Which shape holds the most popcorn?
 - Don't Fall In: Why aren't manhole covers square?

The site is funded by the National Science Foundation and 
the U.S. Department of Education.

                      MATHEMATICAL WRITING

The Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library offers links
to sites that have to do with mathematical writing:

    At the college level, here are two good starting points:

              WRITING IN MATHEMATICS - Crannell

This guide to writing in mathematics classes, by Dr. Annalisa 
Crannell of Franklin & Marshall College, offers the checklist 
she uses and writing assignments from her Pre-Calculus and 
Calculus I, II, and III classes. Contents include: 

 - Why Should You Have To Write Papers In A Math Class?
 - How is Mathematical Writing Different?
 - Following the Checklist
 - Good Phrases to Use in Math Papers
 - Helpful Hints for the Computer
 - Other Sources of Help


       WRITING A MATH PHASE TWO PAPER - Kleiman, Tesler, MIT

A discussion of the kind of writing appropriate in a paper 
submitted to the math department to complete Phase Two of the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology's writing requirement, 
by Steven L. Kleiman with Glenn P. Tesler. Included are:
a review of the general purpose of the requirement and the 
specific way of completing it for the math department;
a consideration of the writing itself (organization into 
sections, use of language, and presentation of mathematics); 
and a short example of mathematical writing. 




A searchable, browseable, comprehensive alphabetical 
encyclopedia of math terms, equations, and derivations, with 
explanations, examples, references, and much more.

Formerly the CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics, and
originally Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics, Eric's
World of Mathematics is now hosted by Wolfram Research, Inc., 
publishers of Mathematica. A hardcover version and a CD-ROM
are available for purchase.


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