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Volume 5, Number 10

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6 March 2000                                    Vol. 5, No. 10


            Connected Curriculum Project | Coolmath
                 Computational Geometry Pages



The Duke component of a coordinated effort to create 
interactive learning environments for a wide range of 
mathematics and mathematically based applications, combining 
the flexibility and connectivity of the Web with the power
of computer algebra systems. 

Materials may be used by groups of learners as an integrated 
part of a course, or by individuals as independent projects 
or supplements to classroom discussions. They include:
modules (Maple, Mathematica), projects, texts, and 
applications for precalculus; differential, integral, and 
multivariable calculus; differential equations; linear 
algebra; engineering math; and math finance. 

For more, see the Connected Curriculum Project at Montana
State University, in particular Connected Before Calculus,
and Calculus:


                       COOLMATH - Karen


A searchable "amusement park of mathematics" for exploring 
math: lessons (functions, tessellations, polygons, polyhedra, 
limits, logs); fractals (with galleries); puzzles and 
numbers, how to succeed in math, careers in math. 

Karen also offers Cool Links for Math for students and 
teachers (K through college); links for Web design; search 
engines (and how to use them), and links for just plain fun.


A comprehensive directory of computational geometry resources 
both on and off the Internet.

Contents include: 

 - General Resources, including the Computational Geometry 
    Impact Task Force Report, Web directories, discussion
    forums, and related subjects
 - Literature: bibliographies, journals, books
 - Research and Teaching: research groups, course materials,
    job announcements
 - Events, past and upcoming
 - Software: libraries, code, interactive software

For other computational geometry sites, see the Math Forum's
Internet Mathematics Library:


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