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Volume 5, Number 11

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13 March 2000                                   Vol. 5, No. 11


                 Pi Day 2000 | Chance - Snell
          Financial Mathematics in Context - Cooper

                         PI DAY 2000
                    March 14 at 1:59:26

For Web sites about pi and activities for celebrating Pi Day, 
visit the Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library:

       Arithmetic/Early: Number Sense/About Numbers: Pi

See, in particular:

 - Pi Mathematics - Ganas, Moore; National Center for 
   Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
   An adventure in exploring the concept of Pi, with 
   activities, projects, applications, history, an 
   information video, and teacher resources

 - The Pi Pages - Centre for Experimental and Constructive 
   Mathematics (CECM)
   Links to many sources of information: the story of the 
   history of the computation of pi, current records of 
   computation, and more

 - Pi Through the Ages - MacTutor Math History Archives:
   A history of pi

Try an activity sent to us by teacher Diana Funke:

 - Making a Pi Necklace

or send a Pi Day greeting card:

 - 123 Greetings


                    CHANCE - J. Laurie Snell


Materials for teaching either a "Chance" course or a more
standard introductory probability or statistics course. 
A Chance course is a case study quantitative literacy course 
designed to make students more informed and critical readers 
of current news items that use probability and statistics, as 
reported in daily newspapers. 

The contents of the site include:

 - Chance News, a monthly newsletter with abstracts of 
    articles from current newspapers and journals, and 
    suggestions for discussion questions for class use,
    with an archive 
 - video lectures and audio discussions of Chance topics,
    online (formats: RealPlayer and RealAudio)  
 - syllabi of previous Chance courses and articles that 
    have been written about them 
 - a Teacher's Guide and other materials useful for 
    teaching a Chance course 
 - links to related Internet sources for teaching a 
    probability or statistics course 

The Chance team of developers is made up of: J. Laurie Snell 
and Peter Doyle of Dartmouth College, Joan Garfield of the 
University of Minnesota, Tom Moore of Grinnell College, 
Bill Peterson of Middlebury College, and Ngambal Shah of 
Spelman College. 


  Curriculum support and a source of information, activities, 
  resources, assessment, and problems on financial mathematics, 
  consumer spending and earnings, and personal financial 

  Under Teaching, there are five modules: 
   - terminology and discussion
   - teaching scenarios, some situations and worked models
   - working with and understanding interest rates in loans 
      and investments
   - ideas for assessment, with some examples
   - including inflation in long-term savings and 
      superannuation schemes. 

  Other main headings include: 
   - Using technology: illustrating some of the ways
      computers and calculators have been used to support 
      financial mathematics
   - Professional development, with notes and spreadsheets
      for computer-based hands-on activities, suggesting
      how to put financial mathematics into relevant
      contexts for students
   - Useful links

  The site was produced by the 1998 Raybould Tutorial Fellow, 
  Peter Cooper, in conjunction with, and with assistance from, 
  Education Queensland, the University of Queensland, 
  Australia, and many contributors from schools, businesses 
  and the community.


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