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Volume 5, Number 12

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20 March 2000                                   Vol. 5, No. 12


            Let's Count! - Lanius | Plus Magazine
           Maths Posters in the London Underground

                 LET'S COUNT! - Cynthia Lanius


Colorful, animated activities for learning to count. The 
images are sometimes too busy for adults, but children are 
drawn to them.

The activities can be done on computers with Internet access, 
or can be printed out and used as a paper-and-pencil exercise. 
Answers are hidden under tabs so that students can easily 
check their work. A Spanish-language version (Vamos a contar) 
is provided:

From Cynthia Lanius' math lessons, which feature subjects
as diverse as infinite series, fractals, cartography,
duelling pinwheels, a hot tub (interpreting graphs), 
and more:



            PLUS MAGAZINE - University of Cambridge
   Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics


Plus (formerly PASS-Maths) is a triannual online magazine 
for older pupils and the general public. It publishes
articles explaining the diverse applications of mathematics
used in solving problems in physics, chemistry, biology, 
engineering, and economics. 

New developments in mathematics and mathematical sciences, 
interviews with mathematicians, information about degree 
courses, the history of mathematics and science,
mathematical biographies, and links to other mathematics
  Web sites and resources are featured. Articles include
  the following and many more: 

   - The Art of Numbers
   - Galloping Gyroscopes
   - Natural frequencies and music, Designing loudspeakers
   - The Origins of Proof (a three-part series)
   - Understanding turbulence
   - Unspinning the Boomerang

Plus also reveals what professional mathematicians do, and 
explores the wide range of careers open to mathematics 
graduates. Search or browse back issues from the index:


       Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences


During World Mathematical Year 2000, a sequence of maths
posters will be displayed month by month in the trains
of the London Underground. Designed by Andrew D. Burbanks
to stimulate and fascinate, they bring maths to life,
illustrating the wide applications of modern mathematics
in all branches of science: physical, biological, 
technological, and financial.

The archive of posters includes explanatory notes for each
topic. The subjects of the first three months are: 

- January - Maths Counts: Fibonacci

- February - Maths Stirs: Hurricanes

- March - Maths Predicts: Chaos


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