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Volume 5, Number 14

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3 April 2000                                   Vol. 5, No. 14


       Math Awareness Month 2000 | National Math Trail
             U.S. Treasury Educational Links

                 MATH AWARENESS MONTH (MAM) 2000
                    Math Spans All Dimensions


  April is Math Awareness Month. This year's theme is Math
  Spans All Dimensions, with pages and Java applets on the
  math of car racing, choreography, crystal geometry, data
  analysis, gravitational lensing, paleoecology, 3D shapes,
  the fourth dimension, the shape of space, hyperspace, and
  more. Click on a person or topic on the poster to find out
  more about work being done in a specific area.

  Read about outreach activities and submit an announcement 
  to see your event included in the list:

  Previous years' themes and materials are on the Web:

  Coordination for Mathematics Awareness Week is provided by 
  the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics, which includes the 
  American Mathematical Society (AMS), the Mathematical 
  Association of America (MAA), and the Society for Industrial 
  and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), with corporate sponsorship
  from Wolfram Research, Incorporated. 


       THE NATIONAL MATH TRAIL - SERC, Texas Instruments

  An interactive Internet-based project. Students and teachers 
  are invited to submit community-based math problems to be 
  posted at the National Math Trail site (deadline May 15),
  and to participate in project activities and events. The use
  of technology in creating submissions is encouraged (photos, 
  drawings, sound recordings, videos, whatever can be adapted 
  to the Internet may be included), and an online professional
  development tutorial is provided.

  Sample videos of Presidential and Disney Award-winning teacher 
  Kay Toliver's math trail, and of professionals whose work
  requires mathematics, are onsite:

  The National Math Trail will also feature an opportunity for 
  K-12 teachers to "chat" live with Kay Toliver over the 
  Internet. Ms. Toliver will discuss in streaming audio how 
  she uses the Math Trail to relate mathematics and other 
  subjects to the real world, and will answer questions 
  submitted by teachers. The chat is scheduled for Wednesday, 
  April 19, at 7:00 P.M. EST. Registration is required.    

  Support for the National Math Trail comes from the U.S. 
  Department of Education's Star Schools Program through SERC 
  (the Satellite Education Resources Consortium), and from 
  Texas Instruments, Inc.


  TREASURY EDUCATIONAL LINKS - U.S. Department of the Treasury


  Links to educational resources related to the Treasury 
  Department, including a FAQ:


  Pages for children and students include:

  - Treasury Kids Page: children follow the paw prints to 
      learn about money

  - The Learning Vault: United States coins and paper currency, 
      savings bonds, the budget and the national debt, and the 
      tax system

  - STAWRS Kids page: the basics of starting a business

  - The Bureau of Printing and Engraving (BEP) Kids Page: 
      ShockWave games about currency

  - Tax Interactive: modules that educate teenagers about 
      local, state and federal taxes and about how taxes are 
      used in their communities

  - OCC Bank School: about the national banking system and its 
      regulator, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

  There is also a Savings Bonds Student Poster Contest 
  (winners' posters are shown):

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