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Volume 5, Number 18

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1 May 2000                                  Vol. 5, No. 18


                  Knot Theory Online - Payne
Ifors TutORial Project - Sniedovich | Exploring Data - Boggs

                KT (KNOT THEORY) ONLINE - Payne


A site designed to introduce mathematics students at the 
high school and college levels to an area of mathematics
seldom explored in the typical math classroom: the theory
of knots. Site contents include:

- A Brief History of Knot Theory
- Introduction to Knots
    What is a mathematical knot?
    The central problem of knot theory
    How do we work with knots?
    Classifying knots
    Properties of knots
    Knots vs. links
- Advanced Knot Theory Topics
    Prime and Composite Knots
    The Connected Sum
    Stick Knots
    Wild Knots
    Coloring Knots and Links
- Activities to Get Your Hands on Knot Theory
    Classroom-ready lessons
- Knot Funny - "Knotty" Fun for All
    Activities, jokes, and links to other knot sites. 
    With a small picture gallery of knot photographs and
    some animations:



             IFORS TUTORIAL PROJECT - Sniedovich
        Operations Research/Management Science (OR/MS)


A library of self-contained modules, each dedicated to a 
relatively small OR/MS topic, from the International 
Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS). 

Modules typically contain some of the following: text,
images, computer code, animation, and user interface
features for interactivity. Sample tutORials include 
modules on:

 - Dynamic programming           - Linear programming
     Die Hard at the Pub             The Simplex Place
     Towers of Hanoi                 Virtual Duality
     Shortest Path Problem
     Dijkstra's Algorithm        - Simulation
     Knapsack Problem                M/M/1 Queues
     Critical Path Method            G/G/s Queues
     Chained Matrices                Queueing Networks
                                     Random Generator
 - Integer programming               Tester
     Royal Optimization             
     8 Easy Pieces               - Other
                                     Geee Park
 - Linear Algebra              
     Row Operations                 
     The Equator
     The Inverter


                EXPLORING DATA - Rex Boggs


After a brief absence, this site, produced in conjunction 
with the University of Queensland, has returned to the Web.
Investigate activities, worksheets, overhead transparency
masters, datasets, and assessment to support the exploration
of data. An extensive collection of articles and a page of
resources for introductory statistics are provided, including
texts, websites, datasets, Java applets, and mailing lists.
Topics include:

 - patterns, stemplots, dotplots, histograms
 - measures of spread
 - boxplots, normal plots, scatterplots
 - assessment
 - linear regression
 - normal distribution
 - probability
 - sampling, confidence intervals
 - hypothesis testing, curve fitting

Datasets are available in tab-delimited and spreadsheet

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