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Volume 5, Number 21

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22 May 2000                                  Vol. 5, No. 21


  Non-Orientable Surfaces | Gender Equity/Math Reform - TERC 
                    DavidsoftNet - Strauss 

                 MATH THAT MAKES YOU GO WOW
  A Multi-Disciplinary Exploration of Non-Orientable Surfaces
      Boittin, Callahan, Goldberg, Remes; Yale University

A course intended for inclusion as a short segment in a
late middle school or early high school math course,
designed to convey the beauty and fascination of such
mathematical objects as the sphere, the torus, the Klein
bottle, the Mobius band, the real projective plane and
beyond (3-manifolds), etc. 

Java illustrations of the objects may be rotated on-screen. 
Also provided are sections on the history and philosophy
of non-orientability, literature touching on the subject, 
connections to music, other topics (knit hats and scarves, 
toys, non-orientable housing, surfaces in art), a preface 
for teachers, and a bibliography.




Funded by the National Science Foundation and based at TERC 
in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this project is designed to
assist staff developers, curriculum writers, and workshop 
leaders in expanding the equity content of their workshops, 
videos, and written materials for teachers. The project 
investigates the specific question of gender equity in math 
reform and the larger equity issues that reforms pose for 
students from various academic, socioeconomic, and 
linguistic backgrounds.

The site includes articles on equity in education, an 
annotated list of research articles, books, and electronic 
resources, a list of equity workshops around the United 
States, and links to other organizations concerned about 
equity in education. 

Of special interest is the "Equity Challenge of the Month":



                  DAVIDSOFTNET - David Strauss


A site that presents Texas Instruments (TI) calculator 
software and other resources on the Web in folders and 
categories. Links are organized into sites for assembly 
coding, hardware, major sites, TI-85 sites, and TI-89 sites.

Reference categories include articles, assembly, and basic 
(advanced, beginner, WinCalc). Software is presented in the 
categories Art, Games, Mathematics, Sciences, and Utilities.
See, in particular, Home > Software > Mathematics:


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