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Volume 5, Number 26

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26 June 2000                                  Vol. 5, No. 26


   Millennium Prize Problems | Math News from Science News
              Mid-Atlantic Eisenhower Consortium

   MILLENNIUM PRIZE PROBLEMS - Clay Mathematics Institute


In order to celebrate mathematics in the new millennium, the 
Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI) of Cambridge, Massachusetts 
has named seven "Millennium Prize Problems" focusing on 
important classic questions that have resisted solution over 
the years: 

 - P versus NP
 - The Hodge Conjecture
 - The Poincaré Conjecture
 - The Riemann Hypothesis
 - Yang-Mills Existence and Mass Gap
 - Navier-Stokes Existence and Smoothness
 - The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture

The site offers brief descriptions and histories of each 
problem. The Board of Directors of CMI will award $1 million 
for each solution. 


              MATH NEWS From Science News - MAA

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) hosts these
columns, chosen for their relevance to mathematics and 
originally published in Science News Online:


Topics from the year 2000 have included:

 - Changes of Mathematical State
 - Message in DNA tops Science Talent Search
 - Great Computations: Owners of home computers join 
    researchers in cracking problems and crunching data
 - Hunting for Higher Dimensions: Experimenters scurry to 
    test new theories suggesting that extra dimensions are 
 - An Artist's Timely Riddles: Deploying scientific methods 
    to understand a Dada artist's provocative creations




THE U.S. Department of Education has awarded Research for
Better Schools (RBS) a five-year grant to continue operations 
of the Mid-Atlantic Eisenhower Consortium for Mathematics and 
Science Education. The Consortium will continue to focus on
providing intensive professional development and technical
assistance to educators based on effective curriculum, 
instruction, and assessment practices, and guided by its
mission to support improvement in teacher and student 

The four primary categories of in-person services will be:
 - professional development workshops
 - regional and state leadership conferences
 - technical assistance to schools
 - the Middle School Math Project

The four types of large-scale communications services, 
designed to reach all mathematics and science educators in 
the region, will be:
 - the Currents semiannual newsletter
 - electronic media (listservs, Web sites, etc.)
 - dissemination of R&D-based products
 - Eisenhower demonstration and access centers

See, in particular, the Consortium's TIMSS Resource Center,
a section of the site devoted to information, analysis,
and opinion about the Third International Mathematics and 
Science Study:


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