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Volume 5, Number 29

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17 July 2000                                  Vol. 5, No. 29


         Project Mathematics! | AbSuRd MaTh - Cain
                  New Mathematical Constant

                      PROJECT MATHEMATICS!
  Apostol, Blinn, Corrigan, California Institute of Technology


Videotape-and-workbook modules designed to explore basic
topics in high school mathematics in ways that cannot be
done at the chalkboard or in a textbook.

The tapes use live action, music, special effects, and 
computer animation, and are distributed on a nonprofit basis. 
Each module consists of a videotape and a workbook, and 
explores a basic topic in mathematics that can be easily 
integrated into existing high school or community college
curricula. The modules encourage interaction between 
students and teachers, and include: 

 - The Theorem of Pythagoras
 - The Story of Pi
 - Similarity
 - Polynomials
 - Sines and Cosines
     Periodic functions
     Addition formulas
 - The Tunnel of Samos
 - Teachers Workshop

In addition, an Early History of Mathematics videotape 
traces some mathematical landmarks:


                   ABSURD MATH - Michael Cain
              Pre-algebra from another dimension
          HRM Video and LearningWave Communications


An interactive problem-solving game series where the ultimate 
power depends on mathematical skill and knowledge. Many 
pages have hidden clues and areas; when players need help, 
they may email the staff for assistance. Teachers and parents 
may also request answer keys. 

Games include:

 - Nomean City: a powerful being has been captured by a cult 
    of pollution makers
 - Dr. Plenobius: identify flesh-eating bacteria and try to 
    save one of the doctor's lab rabbits
 - The 7th Floor of the Hotel Unknown: find out who lives
    on the floor, and deal with the house detective
 - Airtight College: your quest to save the alien creature 

Also try The Challenge of the 7 Cups: solve algebra and 
complex geometry problems to find the lost cup that can
transform sadness into joy and joy into sadness.


AbSuRd MaTh is hosted by LearningWave Communications: 




Computer scientist Divakar Viswanath, of the Mathematical
Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) in Berkeley, California,
introduced an element of randomness into the Fibonacci
sequence and discovered a new mathematical constant: the 
number 1.13198824.... 

Read more in these two articles:

Devlin's Angle, MAA Online

FIBONACCI AT RANDOM - Ivars Peterson, Science News Online

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