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Volume 5, Number 31

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This week marks the 200th issue of the Math Forum Internet News.

31 July 2000                                  Vol. 5, No. 31


             Chips A Tally | iFigure Calculators
        Russian Peasant Multiplication - Dr. Math FAQ

Teachers who use the Math Forum's Problems of the Week
( are invited to join our new 
discussion area to read what others have to say and to 
share your thoughts:

                        CHIPS A TALLY
  Bayonne, NJ Board of Education / three 5th grade teachers


                Are all cookies created equal? 
      Are you getting your fair share of chocolate chips?

Classes are invited to submit data to this collaborative 
math project designed to determine whether the number 
of chocolate chips in Chips Ahoy cookies is the same 

        Registration:  August 1 - September 30, 2000
      Project Begins:  September 1, 2000
  Collected Data Due:  October 27, 2000
      Results Posted:  November 30, 2000

The site includes lesson plans that use statistics to 
analyze number of chips and percentage of chocolate, with 
directions, data sheets, and evaluation rubrics. Also:
related science, social studies, and language arts 
activities; no-bake recipes; and relevant New Jersey 




Links to online calculators and worksheets to help plan, 
solve, and make decisions about such problems and tasks as 
buying a home, investing money, figuring business profits, 
making statistical comparisons, or calculating pump pressure. 

A searchable, annotated Mathematics and Statistics area offers 
calculators for Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics 
(descriptive, estimation, multivariate, probability, 
regression, testing, tutorials), Trigonometry, and Tutorials 
and Resources. 


For more calculators on the Web, see the Math Forum's
Internet Mathematics Library: Resource Types: Ed. Materials: 
Educational Tools/Objects: Calculators:


                   New from the Dr. Math FAQ


  What is Russian peasant multiplication? How do I use it?

  Why does Russian peasant multiplication work?

  How is the Russian peasant algorithm related to binary 

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