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Volume 5, Number 32

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7 August 2000                                 Vol. 5, No. 32


  The Real Challenge | Probability by Surprise - Stanford
                  Math Forum Student Center

                    THE REAL CHALLENGE
  Internet Learning Network - Council on Competitiveness


An animated and interactive testing and learning site. 
"The Real Challenge" is a timed test at various grade
levels in either math or science, comparable to that used 
in the Third International Math and Science Study (TIMSS).
After completing the assessment, see your score and compare 
your performance with that of students from 41 other 

Take the "Celebrity Math Quiz" to practice math skills in 
algebra, data representation, analysis and probability, 
fractions and number sense, geometry, or proportionality 
and measurement. Free registration is required. 


       PROBABILITY BY SURPRISE - Susan P. Holmes et al.

Experimenting Paradoxes - browser-sensitive Java applets 
(try Internet Explorer if you can't view them using Netscape;
for Macs running IE, Holmes recommends running with the
preferences set to Apple Runtime for Java) for exploring:

 - The Birthday Problem
 - Say Red (will the next card in the deck be red?)
 - The Collector (how many times will you need to throw
    a die before you've thrown each of the 6 faces?)
 - Banach's Matchbox Problem
 - The Matching Problem
 - The IID Sequence
 - Polya's Urn as a restaurant choice
 - Random Scatter
 - Traffic Jams

See also Visualizing Probabilities, Applets for Building a 
Probability Tree; and Two-dimensional Densities with 
Conditional Probabilities. 

The site includes other Web resources, and class notes for 
the Introduction to Probability class taught at Stanford 
University using these applets:


              STUDENT CENTER - The Math Forum


We've updated our Student Center with new content and
age-specific search engines for our Internet Mathematics 

 - Graduate (research)
 - College (undergraduates)
 - High School (ages 14-18)
 - Middle School (ages 11-13) 
 - Elementary (ages 5-11) 

Also find direct links to our major student services and
 - Ask Dr. Math

 - Problems of the Week - Elementary, Middle School, 
   Geometry, Algebra, Discrete Math, Trig/Calculus

and pointers to other areas of interest to students:

 - Internet Math Hunt
 - MathMagic
 - Math Tips and Tricks
 - Undergraduate Research Database
 - Non-English Math Resources
 - Science Fair Math Projects

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