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Volume 5, Number 33

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14 August 2000                                 Vol. 5, No. 33


          ENC Online | Prime Number Maze - Paulsen
                   Glossary of Properties

         ENC ONLINE - Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
                 U.S. Department of Education


A central source of information about teaching materials, 
innovative ideas, and professional development. Content on 
ENC Online has been organized into four major categories:

 - Curriculum Resources - search using subject words, grade 
    level, cost, and type of material
 - Web Links, including the Digital Dozen, a monthly 
    selection of exemplary math and science sites 
 - Professional Resources, with standards, state frameworks, 
    federally funded resources, professional development 
    strategies, and research articles
 - Topics: hundreds of articles, teacher interviews, and 
    selected curriculum resources and Web sites arranged 


Key education issues addressed in the Topics area include 
inquiry and problem solving, integrating educational 
technology, equity, and assessment. These areas also include 
the materials developed for ENC Focus, a quarterly magazine 
for math and science educators:



                THE PRIME NUMBER MAZE - Paulsen

Navigate mazes of binary numbers determined by the 
distribution of the prime numbers. 

Try mazes at levels for Beginners (binary notations and 
prime numbers), Intermediate (500 rooms), Advanced (5000 
rooms), Super Advanced (6 times larger than Advanced), or 
Ultimate (the largest prime maze allowed in javascript - 
can it be done?). Change one binary digit at a time to form
a new prime number, searching for a Mersenne prime. 

Also explore related problems, both solved and unsolved, 
and more games by Dr. Paulsen. 


                   New from the Dr. Math FAQ

           GLOSSARY OF PROPERTIES - Ursula Whitcher

What is an operation? What is an identity? 

What are the associative, commutative, and distributive 

What is the property of closure? What is the inverse of 

With links to answers in the Dr. Math archives, and to 
relevant sites on the Web.

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