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Volume 5, Number 34

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21 August 2000                                 Vol. 5, No. 34


         Making Mathematics - EDC | Geometry of War
     California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse

                   MAKING MATHEMATICS - EDC
      Mentored Research Projects for Young Mathematicians
              Education Development Center, Inc.


The goal of Making Mathematics is to provide high school 
students and teachers with the materials and mentorship 
necessary for engaging in a mathematical research experience. 

Prior to the start of research investigations, students are
paired with a mathematician who serves as their mentor. Via 
regular email exchanges throughout the research process,
mentors serve as distance learning guides for both teachers 
and students. Students gather data, investigate patterns,
form hypotheses, and analyze conjectures, sharing their 
results with others and posing - and perhaps solving - new
questions inspired by this work. 

Apply online later this fall; read introductions and program
descriptions available for students, teachers, mentors, and
parents; and see research projects, completed student work, 
and more. 


                 THE GEOMETRY OF WAR, 1500-1750
            Museum of the History of Science, Oxford

From The Museum of the History of Science in Oxford, a 
virtual version of an exhibition on the uses of geometry
in the art of warfare during the Renaissance. 

The site includes summaries that list the instruments and 
books in the exhibit and also provide a way into the 
Catalogue, with its figures illustrating every object. 
The summaries reflect the three main divisions of the 
exhibition - Gunnery, Rangefinding and Surveying, and 
Fortification - and also cover Troop Formations and the 

The introductory essay from the printed catalogue is also
available in electronic form, as is the bibliography; a 
Name Index offers a further means of navigating the
catalogue entries. 


             Stanislaus County Office of Education 


An educator's guide to instructional technology resources 
that support California's curriculum frameworks and standards.
If an instructional program marketed to schools uses a 
computer, a VCR or laserdisc player, a network, or the 
Internet, or any combination of these, the Clearinghouse
will evaluate it for use in California schools. 

Whether you live in California or elsewhere, you may access
this database of thousands of rated and annotated
recommendations, including hundreds of mathematics software
packages and other titles, to research and assess the
instructional technology of your choice. Specify keyword,
subject, technology, platform, language, grade level, or
content standard to search the database. Review criteria
may be read onsite.

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