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Volume 5, Number 34A  -  July-August 2000 Discussions

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23 August 2000                                Vol. 5, No. 34A


  This special issue of the Math Forum's weekly newsletter
  highlights recent interesting conversations on Internet 
  math discussion groups.

  For a full list of these groups with links to topics covered
  and information on how to subscribe, see:


  Replies to individual discussions should be addressed to
  the appropriate group rather than to the newsletter editor.

  If you are familiar with a site we don't yet catalog, please
  use our Web form to suggest the link. Your own brief
  annotation will be much appreciated.


                   JULY & AUGUST SUGGESTIONS:

GEOMETRY-PRE-C0LLEGE - an unmoderated list for discussing high 
school and middle school (and earlier) geometry curricula, 
how to teach geometry classes, new software and texts, problems 
for students, and supplementary materials such as videos and 
manipulatives, archived by the Math Forum at:

Discussions about inclusive definitions of geometric objects 
and transformations as the definition of congruence:

- University of Chicago geometry textbook (17 July 2000)

- Trapezoid definition (was University of Chicago geometry 
  textbook) (22 July 2000)

- Trapezoid definition (7 Aug 2000)

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K12.ED.MATH - a moderated list on general math teaching 
questions, archived by the Math Forum at

- reducing fractions (12 July 2000)
 "I teach 6th grade and every year my students seem to have a
  lot of difficulty with fractions, specifically, reducing or 
  recognizing that a fraction isn't reduced...  Any suggestions 
  would be greatly appreciated. - Janet Johnson

- new teacher (19 July 2000)
 "I was just wondering if any of you felt scared when you first
  started teaching. I don't think that I will have a big problem 
  with it, but I feel that I won't be able to teach all of my 
  future students everything that they need to know..." - Robin

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NUMERACY, for those interested in the discussion of educational 
issues around adult mathematical literacy, archived at:

- Monty Hall (31 July 2000)
 "You are a contestant. You have the choice of three curtains.
  Behind one is the Grand Prize, the other 2 have goats..." 
  - Jason 
  Revisiting the problem, with a link to tree diagrams from
  the apstat-l thread
  Monty Hall Problem: Tree Diagram (14 May 1998)

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SCI.MATH, a discussion group focused on general and advanced 
mathematics that can be read as a Usenet newsgroup or on the Web:

- This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics (Week 155) (16 Aug 2000)
 "It's a hot summer day here in Riverside, so I just want to 
  have fun. Break out the Klein bottles and Platonic solids!" 
  - John Baez

- Mental Limit? (17 Aug 2000)
 "I'm in need of some mathematical people to enlighten me 
  with their point-of-view... Is there a mental limit of 
  how far people can go in mathematics?" - Orion

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HISTORIA-MATEMATICA - a virtual forum for scholarly discussion 
of the history of mathematics in a broad sense, among 
professionals and non-professionals with a serious interest in 
the field, archived at

- Mayan numeration (2 Aug 2000)
 "What reference(s) on Mayan mathematics are currently 
  considered to be the most authoritative? In particular, is 
  there a current resource which is both accurate and 
  accessible to a non-specialist?" - Steven Johnson

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  We hope you will find these selections useful, and that you
  will browse and participate in the discussion group(s) of
  your choice. 
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