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Volume 5, Number 35

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28 August 2000                                 Vol. 5, No. 35


       Read This! - MAA Online | Let's Graph! - Lanius
           BitArt - Spirolateral Series - Krawczyk

           READ THIS! MAA Online Book Review Column
             Mathematical Association of America


Online reviews of new and current books of interest to 
mathematicians, including such books as The Wild Numbers, 
The Advent of the Algorithm, Contemporary Issues in 
Mathematics Education, Reading the Principia, An Introduction 
to the Mathematical Theory of Waves, The Importance of Being 
Fuzzy, and many more. 

MAA Online has been publishing book reviews in the Read This!
column since 1996. Use the index to all book reviews online
so far to find older reviews by author, by title, by topic,
and by reviewer:


                 LET'S GRAPH! - Cynthia Lanius                 

Canga Rue Middle School conducted a survey of all its
students to determine some of their interests. A graph
illustrates the results of one of the questions. From 
the information provided, answer the following questions: 

 - How many students are at Canga Rue?
 - What fraction prefer either pizza or hamburgers?

An interactive investigation of graphing, showing both
horizontal and vertical bar graphs. Students may adjust the 
values on the graphs for favorite pastimes, or they may
design and administer a survey on a question that interests
them, enter the data, and make a bar graph using this page.

From Cynthia Lanius' math lessons, which feature subjects
as diverse as infinite series, fractals, cartography,
dueling pinwheels, a hot tub (interpreting graphs), 
and more:



             BITART - SPIROLATERAL SERIES - Krawczyk


Click on a spirolateral in one of these galleries to display 
a full-size version, see a self-running demonstration of a 
variety of spirolaterals, or generate one of your own and see 
all the reversals. 

"The Art of Spirolateral Reversals," a paper by Robert J. 
Krawczyk (available in PDF format), "continues an
investigation into spirolaterals as geometry to generate
artistic forms of unexpected complexity and beauty... with
two-dimensional representations of spirolaterals and forms
based on reversals of turns. Using mathematical and 
computer-based methods, issues of closure, variation,
enumeration, and predictability are discussed. The overriding 
interest is to develop methods and procedures to investigate 
geometry for the purpose of inspiration for new architectural
and sculptural forms."


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