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Volume 5, Number 40

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2 October 2000                               Vol. 5, No. 40


         Mathematical Tale Winds | Parrondo's Games
              Math Solutions Online Newsletters

             MATHEMATICAL TALE WINDS - Jerry Ameis


Ameis embeds routine and non-routine mathematical problems 
in short and long stories to show how elementary school
children can be encouraged to solve them. Contents include: 

 - Concept stories for grades 2-3, designed to help develop 
    concepts such as area
 - Land of Pome story problems for grades 2-4, situated in 
    the fantasy land of Pome
 - Journey to the island of Dread, a fantasy adventure story 
    for grades 3-4, with 80 math problems
 - Circle of Flame, a growing fantasy adventure story that 
    has math problems for grades 3-4 and perhaps 5. 
    A chapter is added every couple of months.

Notes for teachers and parents are provided. Dr. Ameis is
a member of the Faculty of Education at the University of
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


                PARRONDO'S GAMES - Greg Harmer

      The paradox of Parrondo: to lose + to lose = to win. 

Juan Manuel Rodriguez Parrondo devised two simple 
mathematical games of chance that are of interest to
experts in diverse areas of science. Their results are
surprising in statistical terms: to play any one of the two
separately supposes losing; however, if a player alternates
games in certain or random combinations, he or she wins -
an effect known as "Parrondo's Paradox." 

The site includes pages on Brownian Ratchets, Parrondo's 
Games, and more, including Feynman's ratchet and pawl device, 
a mathematical analysis of the games using discrete-time 
Markov chains, a note on the entropies of Parrondo's games, 
and a list of papers.

             Marilyn Burns Education Associates

A newsletter designed to provide up-to-date classroom
activities and Math Solutions programs and materials for
elementary and middle-school students.

Articles by Marilyn Burns and others offer ideas ranging 
from how to help children make sense of money and dates, 
to ways of using writing to help students learn. Suggestions 
for parent conferences and a brief history of trends in
mathematics education ("Math for the 21st Century - Back 
to Basics?") are also provided.

The newsletter is published twice a year by Marilyn Burns,
and you are invited to add yourself to the Math Solutions 
mailing list. 


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