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Volume 5, Number 41

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9 October 2000                               Vol. 5, No. 41


          Colorful Mathematics - Laflamme | Matroids
                Using Manipulatives - T2T FAQ

             COLORFUL MATHEMATICS - Claude Laflamme

Five games to present advanced mathematical concepts to K-12 
students. This educational software series uses simple 
coloring and/or drawing techniques to illustrate mathematical 
concepts from graph theory. Downloadable software and a 
'teacher's corner' are provided. 

Games (available for IBM compatibles only) include: 
  - The Four Color Map Problem
  - The Chromatic Number of a Graph
  - The Edge Chromatic Number of a Graph
  - The Two-Player Chromatic Game
  - The Dominating Number of a Graph

Versions of the site are available in English and French. 
Funding for the project was made possible through Industry 
Canada's SchoolNet initiative and through the cooperation 
of the Canadian Mathematical Society. 



                 MATROID THEORY - Sandra Kingan


Matroids are an abstraction of several combinatorial objects,
among them graphs and matrices. Matroid theory provides a 
framework in which problems in combinatorial optimization, 
operations research, and graph theory become simpler to 

The word matroid was coined by Whitney in 1935 in his 
landmark paper "On the abstract properties of linear 
dependence." In defining a matroid, Whitney tried to capture 
the fundamental properties of dependence that are common 
to graphs and matrices. 

Sandra Kingan's site includes links to books and software, 
a bibliography of matroid papers, and home pages of people 
in matroid theory.



Sources of problems compiled by Zaslavsky, and problems he's
found interesting: Bonin's Projective Bound; Maximum r-Flat; 
Covering and Packing by Flats. For general sources of 
information on matroid theory, see Matroid Miscellany:


                 USING MANIPULATIVES - T2T FAQ
             Math Forum, Teacher2Teacher Service

From the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher service, answers to 
a frequently asked question: What is the role of 
manipulatives in the classroom?

Suggestions include ideas to try, archived T2T conversations
on the subject, answers from the archives of Ask Dr. Math,
and links to relevant Web sites. 

The Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library provides a 
page of links to math education sites that discuss the use 
of manipulatives in the classroom:

There are also many pages of annotated math sites to browse 
and search for manipulatives:


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