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16 October 2000                               Vol. 5, No. 42

                  THE MATH FORUM INTERNET NEWS Mathematics | Calendars - Oertel        
         Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowships - AAUW

            SPARKNOTES.COM: MATHEMATICS - iTurf Inc.


Over 100 guides for mathematics ranging from pre-algebra to 
advanced work in calculus, written by students and recent 
graduates of Harvard University. Major topics covered 

  - Prealgebra
  - Geometry I, II, & III
  - Algebra I & II
  - Trigonometry
  - Precalculus
  - Calculus AB
  - Calculus BC I & II

The site also offers message boards for beginner, high 
school, and advanced math, calculus, number theory, chaos 
and fractals, and "intriguing problems." Mathematics is sponsored by, The
e-Learning Hub:


              SEVERAL CALENDARS - Holger Oertel

Descriptions of different calendars (Egyptian, Roman, 
Julian, Gregorian, Hebrew, Persian, Jewish, Islamic, Mayan, 
French Revolutionary, etc.) with notes on the calculation 
of Easter and on conversions of dates from one calendar to 

The site includes a paragraph introducing the beginning of
the new millennium, and offers references, links to other
calendar sites on the Web, and a discussion forum. In English and 
German (see

For more sites on calendars, dates, and time, see the Math 
Forum's Internet Mathematics Library:




Gender Equity in Mathematics: Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher 
Fellowships provide K-12 public school teachers with up to 
$9,000 for professional development and projects designed to 
advance girls' interest in math, science, and/or technology. 

Fellows also receive an expense-paid trip to Washington, DC, 
to attend a five-day Teacher Institute. The deadline for
applications for fellowship year July 1, 2001 - August 31,
2002 is January 10, 2001.

The site is hosted by the American Association of
University Women:


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