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Volume 5, Number 44

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30 October 2000                               Vol. 5, No. 44


            HomeworkSpot - StartSpot Mediaworks, Inc.
   Alive Maths/Maths à Vivre | Learning to Multiply - T2T FAQ

            HomeworkSpot - StartSpot Mediaworks, Inc.


Designed to help students start homework assignments that
require online resources, HomeworkSpot also provides
reinforcement activities in a variety of subject areas
including mathematics. Resources are grouped by grade level
(elementary, middle school, and high school). Math sections
provide links organized as general sites, topics, quick
reference, fun, and contests for each level:
Topics include algebra, fractions, geometry, math history,
calculus, probability, and trigonometry, with links to sites
that provide practice problems.


          Alive Maths/Maths a Vivre - Nathalie Sinclair


Alive Maths/Maths à Vivre has two principal goals: to
motivate and encourage students to attend to spatial and
numerical relationships, and then interpret and communicate
them; and to provide students with a means of reflecting upon
and sharing their mathematical work with peers and teachers.

"Play with Lulu" and "Play with Reflectominoes" are the
interactive microworlds for students to use. Both of them
have teacher support pages, "Lulu Math Asides" and
"Reflectominoes Math Asides," including correlations to

Students log in to "My Album" to use the note icon to add text
to a page that can be saved. The Web page will keep track of
where they have been and when they visited a particular page.

Created and maintained for SchoolNet (
by Nathalie Sinclair, Alive Maths/Maths à Vivre is available
in both English and French.


                    New from the T2T FAQ
            Math Forum, Teacher2Teacher Service

                    LEARNING TO MULTIPLY

From the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher service, answers to
a frequently asked question: How do I help students learn
their multiplication facts?

Suggestions include teaching techniques, archived T2T
conversations on the subject, resources from the archives of
Ask Dr. Math, literature connections, and links to relevant
Web sites, including some software programs.


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