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Volume 5, Number 46

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13 November 2000                               Vol. 5, No. 46


       Math Adventures - MathMania | Sheppard Software
              Weekly Math Contest -



MathMania, a quarterly magazine written by George Gadanidis
and edited by Janette Gadanidis, provides creative, 
classroom-ready activities to help students and teachers 
enjoy mathematics.

The Math Adventures site includes the magazine, plus:
  - math poems written by students
  - games to order for grades 4-6 and 7-10
  - books with reproducible activities
  - Exploring Math, software for grades 4-6 and 7-10
  - random thoughts by George Gadanidis on "Why You're
     Not A Math Moron"
  - an order form
  - free stuff: activities in PDF format from MathMania 
     Magazine, ready for printing
Read the current issue of MathMania magazine free as a
non-printable PDF file. Sample activities from MathMania 
issues are available on the site.


                      SHEPPARD SOFTWARE


This Windows-only mathematics software includes:

Algebra - One On One: an educational game for learning 
  and practicing algebra, covering 21 functions.

License Plate Math: a wide number of math puzzles, with 
  3 ways to play and 11 levels of difficulty.

Brain Builder - Math: over 500 million puzzles, presented 
  in a multimedia format designed to sharpen problem-solving 
  and critical-thinking skills.

Math Function Mania: a game for grades 7-12 that teaches 
  functions, algebra, and problem-solving skills.

Prime Time Math: helps students improve their word-problem 
  skills and boost their SAT scores. Covers prime numbers, 
  factoring, squares, cubes, remainders, fractions, 
  percentages, algebra, and, most of all, logic.

Registered versions of this site's software are free to
teachers and schools. Students may download shareware
versions for home use.


              WEEKLY MATH CONTEST -


Offered at the three levels of elementary, junior high, and
senior high, the weekly math contests pose short-answer
questions; provide a link to help pages; and let students 
know how many answers they got right.

The main page features:
  School math:
    - Arithmetic
    - Fractions
    - Integers
    - Decimals
    - Algebra
    - Geometry
    - Statistics
    - Conversion math

  Financial pages:
    - Free report
    - Loan calculators
    - Mortgage calculators
    - RSP calculators
    - Compound interest calculators
    - Stock tip index
    - Six figure income plan
Winners receive their choice of the official
winner's t-shirt; two designs are posted on the contest
Web page.


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