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Volume 5, Number 47

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20 November 2000                               Vol. 5, No. 47


   Algebra Concepts iCurriculum - Ventura Educational Systems
             Jacqueline Cooke | Assessment - T2T FAQ

   ALGEBRA CONCEPTS ICURRICULUM - Ventura Educational Systems

Activities designed to accompany "Algebra Concepts," a
Macintosh/Window CD-ROM available from Ventura Educational 
Systems. Students learn by doing, and this program uses a 
hands-on approach to the study of algebra. 

Teachers may sign up for an iCurriculum account; with an 
account ID number, the results of student work are 
automatically scored and e-mailed to the teacher and student.
Register for an account ID by completing the online
registration form:


                        JACQUELINE COOKE

Jacqueline Cooke is an elementary-school teacher in Gresham, 
Oregon. Her math resources include lists of educational 
software, curriculum expectations, problem-solving 
strategies, and 100 Problems for Primary People, a 
collection of word problems:

A comprehensive, annotated list of software for elementary 
classrooms, separated into categories by topic, is provided:


                    New from the T2T FAQ
            Math Forum, Teacher2Teacher Service

  From the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher service, answers to
  two frequently asked questions:

                    ASSESSMENT SUGGESTIONS

How can I assess my students at the beginning of the year? 
Mid-year? Throughout the year?


How can I prepare my students for assessments?

Suggestions include techniques to use to help students,
archived T2T conversations on the subject, resources from
the archives of Ask Dr. Math, literature connections, and
links to relevant Web sites, including links to software

The Math Forum's suggested sites on assessment in mathematics
education include links to the NCTM Standards; sessions on
assessment at meetings; and selected books and articles
on assessment:


                    MATH IN THE REAL WORLD

  New on the T2T FAQ page is the section Math in the Real World,
  with the first feature on Mathematics and Elections:

  Classroom resources for studying and explaining the
  mathematics involved in the election process are provided.


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