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Volume 5, Number 48

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27 November 2000                               Vol. 5, No. 48


             Connect-ME - Queen's University, Canada
 Jim Loy's Mathematics Page | Let's Do Math! - Cynthia Lanius

            CONNECT-ME - Queen's University, Canada


Connect-ME is a place where the community of elementary
school math teachers formed by and growing out of the
Joy of X enrichment series can meet to share problems,
resources, and stories. The site includes:

Joy of X: information about workshop participants,
  resources from workshops, and research publications

Xplore collection: open problems that teachers have posed,
  posted, and are working on. Browse through them and
  see how other teachers have approached them; then 
  contribute your own.

Xtra pages: news and updates about the Connect-ME site

Xchange centre: discussions of issues around elementary
  mathematics education

XOS: advice and help for Connect-ME teachers, including
  archives and frequently asked questions

Xcite resources: a collection of exemplary on-line
  resources for teaching and learning elementary school




An informal collection of articles on many different
mathematics problems. Topics include:

  - Algebra
  - Geometry
  - Calculus and Pre-Calculus
  - Arithmetic, Roman Numerals
  - Calendars
  - Number Theory
  - Fractals & Chaos
  - Other Topics
  - Book Reviews
  - Other Links

Some of the articles provide advice to students; others
could be used by teachers to communicate a mathematical law:

  Ace That Test

  Distributive Law


                LET'S DO MATH! - Cynthia Lanius


Maria and her friend Cassie love doing math. The first
problem they solve together is counting all the squares on
a checkerboard. They aren't just looking at the individual
squares, but at all the different-sized squares that could
be counted. To help organize their counting, Maria and 
Cassie make a table based on the different squares, and
then go on to discover a pattern.

Other Do Math problems include:
  - probability of rolling 5
  - the Towers of Hanoi
  - predicting with cards
  - comparative shopping

Interactive activities help students follow Maria's and 
Cassie's thinking as they solve these non-standard problems.

Let's Do Math! forms part of Cynthia Lanius' math lessons, 
which feature subjects as diverse as infinite series, 
fractals, cartography, dueling pinwheels, a hot tub 
(interpreting graphs), and more:



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